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Week # 13

Monday, February 25, 2013

When I started this process in November, my primary focus was getting healthier. I wasn’t motivated by losing pounds. I just wanted to get healthy. Everyone knows that a healthy weight guarantees better health. If that were the case, then why are we struggling as a RACE to get to that healthy weight? The focus was on a number on the scale, measured by a BMI (body mass index) that lumps people into a category based on their height alone. That in itself is skewed and, to me, does not take into account the differences in body composition that differ from one person to the next. If BMI was a measuring tool, how do body builders get labeled athletes when technically they are obese? This is a different topic entirely and I do not want to get off track with the primary focus of this post.

In 3.5 months, I beat diabetes. I can walk into any doctor’s office and, when asked if I am have any chronic diseases, I can bypass diabetes. I don’t face the elevated risks of heart attack, stroke, amputation, neuropathy, retinopathy or poor tissue perfusion. Will I be at risk if I let myself go? Of course I will. I do have a genetic disposition for this disease. However, my doctor has indicated that I no longer need to medicate for this problem. I about cried. I am not sure what motivated the tears exactly. Taking the medication was not that difficult. It’s free to me. So cost wasn’t the issue. I firmly believe the emotions came from accomplishing something that I wanted to accomplish from the beginning. I wanted this very thing to happen and it did. I haven’t really had that kind of focus on something for a very long time. This teaches numerous lessons and speaks volumes about the human body and its ability to adapt to its environment. Aside from the weight loss, this is more worthy of praise. My doctor agreed and has asked me to speak at a seminar that will no doubt be full of people interested in weight loss secrets. This isn’t a secret. This is biochemistry 101. This is every day for the rest of my life. Awareness pays dividends. This is what control can do for you.

Diabetes is not a death sentence. Ignoring it, however, is. In some ways, I took the cavalier approach to diabetes. It’s just high blood sugar. I won’t eat potatoes, or chips, or French fries. It is so much more than that. As Americans, we live in a world of convenience. Our lifestyle has transferred over to other countries that are now experiencing chronic diseases that they have never had to deal with before. I pretended diabetes was temporary and then did nothing about it. I often wonder why God hasn’t struck me down. I obviously didn’t care about His gift of life…why should he allow me to continue to abuse myself. I believe everyone has a purpose in this life. I believe my obesity was a huge lesson for me to learn from. I have learned more than I can repeat about the pathophysiology of the comorbidities of diabetes. I immersed myself in what these diseases meant, what the symptoms were, what the complications were, what they affected and just how damaging they were to everyone. I also learned about how diet can affect this process, how evolution has changed over millions of years, but also how the human race still operates the same even after millions of years. I have changed the paradigm. What was once only supposed to start with me has involved into a movement of sorts. I didn’t have to be this way. Neither does anyone else. I had choices to make that for year were the wrong ones. Now, I choose life. I choose longevity. I choose health. It is still a battle, but now I have the upper hand. This has been about health, never about a number on the scale. Now, it is time to share this information with anyone who will listen.

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