Positive Milestones

Sunday, February 24, 2013

OK, this is my second try at this today, so I'm going to make it short and sweet : )

I realized today that I am tired of my weight loss milestones being associated with negative stressful situations such as "what I weighed when I started this stressful job," or "what I weighed before my husband lost his job," etc.

This time I am going to celebrate joyful milestones such as "what I weighed at my daughter's wedding," or "what I weighed when we first started dating."

To that end, here are some pictures of me at my children's weddings:

About 180 lbs

175 lbs (I am here again now)

165 lbs - my next 10 lb goal

I'll have to scan and add a pic or two from my own wedding since we used "old school" photography back then LOL! (about 150 lbs)

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