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It all started with a rotisserie chicken...

Sunday, February 24, 2013

I have been kind of silent this week. Well, more than usual. I was struggling a little bit due to a variety of things. It all started with a rotisserie chicken.

Earlier in the week, Monday it was, I went to the store and got a deal on 2 rotisserie chickens. I thought, this is good. I will have at least 4 meals out of this. Or so I thought...

By the end of night one I had eaten all of the first chicken. I had veggies too, but more chicken. My protein numbers were high and alas, my digestion was off. That was night one.

On day two I said, I have learned! I will break this up into at least two meals. I was sure of myself. I planned. I was going to stick to this.

By the end of night two I had eaten the second rotisserie chicken.

That was Tuesday. On Wednesday I realized I was running out of groceries and couldn't go shopping until Friday. This put me a little off my game. Oh and did I mention I was insatiable? I think it was hormones. That thing in the brain that tells you you're full wasn't working until I was sick! In any event, Wednesday I got lunch in the cafeteria at work (something I hadn't done since I started all this).

Inside I was thinking, first 2 chickens in 2 days, now cafeteria food, why don't you just revert to ALL of your old habits Abigail (my real name)! My inner me is soooo not nice.

On Thursday I had plans with a friend to have pizza, wings, wine, and dessert. Okay, there is a way to do this. I just didn't do it completely right. I had a great time with her! Only the next day I was dehydrated, bloated (digestion was still very off), and sick to my stomach. Oh and did I mention zero energy?!?!

On Friday I finished the leftover pizza and wings (of course) but did better in the afternoon and evening.

It is now Sunday. I feel completely back on track now. How did I get here?

Well I forgot to mention during all of my naughty days that I did track absolutely everything. Every glass of wine, every wing, every crumb of brownie! And I overestimated. With that I also checked in here everyday, albeit with some guilt and shame. I think that's why I was quiet.

After realizing this, I thought, okay Abigail, maybe you can pull this together.

On Saturday I went to Olive Garden to celebrate my daughter's 19th birthday. Before I left I went online and looked at the nutritional information of various dishes just to get an idea. This helped A LOT. I drank water and ordered the Grilled Chicken Toscano with risotto on a bed of spinach.

After dinner we went grocery shopping and my fridge, freezer, and cupboards are stocked with good food! The most awful thing in this house is Pringles. I know! I can and do portion those though.

Also, tomorrow is the beginning of the Wellness Challenge that I spoke of earlier. I am the team captain of the Purple Cobras. There are 4 of us now. I have my pedometer ready and I also bought 3 pound weights to do some strength training. So even if my knee is getting to me, at least I can do some of that.

All in all, I feel a lot better. These winter blues are getting to me. Some things in my personal life are getting to me. Yet I am determined. There will be setbacks like this and I have to remind myself of that. I have to get myself to be nicer to Abigail. And I have to also keep in mind that I didn't derail all of my efforts. I still tracked. I am still without most of my pain. I was told by a friend the other day that I am walking faster and I have noticed my ability to do a lot more activity at once without stopping.

We all have to cut ourselves a break once in a while. Easier to say than do. That's something I struggled with but overcame...for this week.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Good blog!
    1906 days ago
    This is absolutely AWESOME!!!! YOU are awesome so good for you..

    Carpe diem-(carpos) -fruit of tree, of effort, etc. Diem refers to "day" "seize the day"!

    emoticon emoticon
    1932 days ago
    I did the same thing. Bought a rotisserie chicken and ate the entire thing in two days.
    Then I bought another rotisserie chicken and ate more than half of it. I told my husband when he was hungry that there was a rotisserie chicken in the fridge and when he pulled it out, 3/4 was gone. I didn't remember eating that much. emoticon
    Obviously, I love that rotisserie chicken.
    I loved your story and the great pics to go with it.
    1940 days ago
    Here are the stages in which the way change seems to work: tell oneself that (for example) they will do something. Then they don't do it. Then they realize afterwards (maybe a good while afterwards!) why they didn't. Tell oneself they will do it. Don't do it. Know immediately afterwards why. Tell oneself they will do it. Don't do it. Know what's happening as they're not doing it. Tell oneself they will do it. Do it. Backslide any number of times to previous step, until one day it's done! For good!

    This all takes time, but, like an infant learning to walk, it's ok to get annoyed, upset, and frustrated. Vent like they do, then get up and go at it again!

    1944 days ago
    It's good to be aware--even if you are aware that something is not right. Have you thought about the role of sodium? For me salty things (and I know rotisserie chicken is salty) create the kinds of binges that sugar can also create.

    Best of luck to you!
    1945 days ago
    MMM Pringles, My Nemesis!

    Welcome Home, Abigail ! We missed you!

    We all have times like this because we like food. If we didn't like food, we would all be skinny. You did one really important thing by keeping on tracking. Awesome!!

    I know that when I track my "bad" days, I learn something. Usually how many calories I used to eat on a regular basis. I am reminded of just how many calories are in the Piato Combinatto and half litre of Chianti. A day and a half worth in one meal!

    And you did another SUPER important thing.You came back to us ! YEA!!

    And you did another great thing. You acknowledged your mistake. You are being honest with yourself. That is so COOL!!

    So yeah, you messed up. welcome to the club. We have almost 7 billion members on this rock. Sometimes I feel like I'm the poster girl!

    Now you can just keep on working at it, eating healthy and remember your successes as well as learn from your "Oh, dang!" moments.

    See ya tomorrow, right?? emoticon

    1945 days ago
    I can smell that chicken oh i have one baking in the oven emoticon I love chicken and one made by some one else is even better. I can see myself doing the same thing emoticon
    1945 days ago
    There I was, reading about chicken and over-indulging and whatnot, and I got completely sidetracked with the very word BROWNIE--!, you were saying something?
    (brownie brownie brownie brownie brownie brownie brownie brownie--!!!!)
    1945 days ago
    Glad your kitchen is stocked to the hilt. So hard when you are seeing almost empty frig and cupboard. Maybe time to plan a menu for this week coming up and see how well you do sticking to it.

    I am trying mainly protein this week, with a piece of fruit or/and salad each day.

    We'll both see what happens, also drinking dandelion tea 1 qt twice a day, nothing added. (first time having this tea and I like it)

    A great week to you!
    1946 days ago
    1946 days ago
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