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An Interesting Eating Experiment

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Well, it was inevitable - I got sick. I had held out all this time, since the kids have been sick on and off since THANKSGIVING - but finally, my body just gave up. Luckily, the kids weren't nearly as sick as I was - they didn't get the shakes, or the sweating, or any of the fun stuff. They also got over it much faster than I did - so now, a week after this hit all of us, they are totally fine, and I still have a runny nose.

This has been the worst congestion of my life - and not only has it been extremely annoying, but I have the side effect that I can't smell or taste anything. I have been this way for a week, and it isn't letting up anytime soon. I feel fine otherwise, I just have no sense of taste.

Now, here's where the experiment comes in. I've learned a lot this week about wanting to eat vs. actually being hungry. When you have no incentive to eat, it is amazing how little you actually need. I have been eating very little because I only have my stomach to go on - if I feel full, I don't eat, no matter what is around me. Sometimes I forget to eat all day, since I'm not looking forward to it any more, and I only remember when I get a headache or something.

There have been some good and bad things that have come out of this:

I have no idea what to make for dinner anymore. My husband always asks me what I am in the mood for, and I shrug, because I really don't care. It is kind of a bummer for both of us.

I have to constantly remind myself to feed the children. I forget that just because I'm not interested in eating doesn't mean everyone else feels that way. Don't worry - I haven't forgotten to feed them yet!

Sometimes I get terrible headaches because I haven't eaten all day.


I have lost 5 pounds!! This was kind of an easy way to kick off my weight loss again. I'm feeling pretty good about myself these days.

I have realized how little I need to actually function and survive. I am beginning to understand what people mean when they say it's all in the mind.

I'm losing my taste for some "bad" foods. I have started to eat for nutrition only - what good is all the fat and calories if I can't taste it???

It has been interesting, and I wouldn't be lying if I said that I kind of hope this lasts a little bit longer - I would like to keep dropping weight! The most important thing I have learned is that 1500 calories (the limit I have set for myself) is more than enough to keep me satisfied. I hope I remember that when my taste buds come back!!
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  • MOM2OR
    Awe, I hope you're feeling better now! The bug was going around my house as well. Started with my daughter, then my son and then my husband. I was lucky enough to avoid it; I believe all the healthy food and exercise I have been doing has helped with that a LOT. I used to feel like you do with not knowing what I wanted for dinner or what to cook. I felt like eating garbage but I knew I had to get something healthy for my daughter. My husband works long days and comes home around 9:30ish starving so I put my foot down and decided to start cooking. I make sure I have meat on hand all the time; whether it's lean chicken, turkey sausage, lean ground beef, fish, etc, and I take it out in the morning to thaw, which means I HAVE to cook it. Lately I've been using Spark recipes, almost a new one every night, to help with meals. It's been fantastic!! I actually love to cook now. And my husband HATES veggies but the way I roast them in the oven he absolutely loves them.

    Way to go on losing 5 lbs! Not necessarily the best way, cuz I'm assuming you lose it when you were sick and not wanting to eat?, but 1500 calories is a lot of calories if you think about it. If all someone ate was junky food then 1500 calories would be gone in a heartbeat, but when you're eating good and healthy, it adds up slowly. I don't eat much bad food either, I used to long for certain chips or whatever else but not anymore. I have my go to chocolate snack that I have almost every day but it's only 90 calories and dark chocolate, so yummy.

    I hope you get your taste buds back!!! And good luck. Try to make cooking fun.
    1880 days ago
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