No such thing as defeat!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sometimes we feel defeated. Lots of levels to that feeling, but I'm talking about the gut-level feeling of defeat. Not because of some imagined problem but because life can be one hard test of what makes us... or breaks us. I've learned to adjust each time something blocked my goals. We're talking LIFE goals, not lifestyle or weight issues here. Stand in my way, and I'll still keep going even though by a different route or altered methods. I'm a survivor. A quiet survivor who does no flashy moves but just keeps on moving. To the best of my ability. My approach to lifestyle goals is akin to my approach to my life goals. Do the best I can... and keep trying to improve upon the ever-expanding possibilities. Growth of this dimension is an experience that appears external but is most profoundly felt at one's core - the soul, if you will.

None of us KNOWS what it is like to live inside another person's skin and set of internal/external issues.
Part of this journey should be understanding that we are each individuals, that what is easy for me may be your impossibility, and that we can and indeed should cheer others onward in those personalized quests and accomplishments. "Let no externals deter me from my goal" makes sense to me. That includes comparing our progress, abilities or goals to those of others, because doing so is unfair to all in predictably lop-sided non-equations.

Music is a wonderful boost, and linked below is a song (Cher knows how to go to the gut in a song!) which speaks to me on so many levels .... Sums up a lot about who I am!

Who am I?
emoticon I am a survivor. My obstacles are like yours: unique. And frustrating. But I will still find a way around them... or over them... or right through them!

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