Nothing like a new washing machine

Sunday, February 24, 2013

I LOVE my new washing machine. I've done about 7 loads already since Thursday. The old one was so rough, I hated washing even sturdy clothes. In any case, I had down comforters, lots of sheets and blankets and towels to wash, all building up in anticipation.
A couple of months ago I saw a GE washing machine at Lowe's that was a price I could afford. Keeping it in mind, I started saving my pennies. Meanwhile, I decided at the beginning of this month to visit the Sears store in Susanville, and found a Maytag high-efficiency top loader washing machine that I liked even better. I called back to order it after making sure I had the funds, but with the tax, delivery charge, extra warranty and hoses added in, the total charge was $340 over the initial cost of the machine. Ow.
Well, it didn't come when promised, so I called and found out it was on backorder and I was assured it would be here a week later. I was not amused. I went online and looked at what Lowe's had, and it just so happened they were having a 10% off sale on washing machines. I found something similar to the Maytag at Sears, an upgraded model, for about $70 more, but Lowe's offered free delivery, their extra warranty was about 1/3 the price of Sears', and altogether the total charge was $190 less than what Sears wanted. I called Sears to cancel that order right away and then called Lowe's back to order that other Maytag. It got here Thursday as promised.
Lo and behold, the Maytag from Sears arrived yesterday, too. I don't know what their problem is; they don't seem to communicate with each other and therefore their customers never know what's going on, either. I'd already gotten the refund from Sears so I turned that fella away. I suppose I could have just taken the machine, but I don't have anywhere to put it and I figured Sears would eventually cotton on to me anyway and then where would I be?
My new washing machine had better reviews than the Sears model did, it cost me less overall to get it here and installed, and I am loving it.
There's something about being able to do all kinds of laundry that tickles me pink. I love seeing my bedroom floor again instead of piles of things that need washing. I brought home a file cart from work that was about to be thrown out, it was just the frame on wheels, and I sewed a laundry bag to tie onto it and it holds a ton of dirties!
... But because this is Sparkpeople, I suppose I should be writing about my health progress thus far. Okay! I dug out clothes that are brand-new and never worn because they were always too small (but on sale, too pretty to pass up, the usual rationalizations for impulse purchases..), and wouldn't you know, they fit just fine now! Maybe a little looser than fit, which is fine with me. I also dug out all the underwear I'd outgrown, and now they are the right size once again.
On the other hand, my internal thermostat is all messed up. I'm either freezing cold or having a hot flash that won't quit. My hair is falling out. I'm told it's what bodies do when they've been traumatized, but it could also be a failing thyroid. I won't know for several more weeks.
It's all good. I would rather be right here right now than where I was 6 months ago. I have a new Maytag washing machine!
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    My previous washing machine was free, sort of a hand-me-down who knows how many times. It looked like an escapee from a laundromat - small tub so you can't fit a full load of wash in it. No matter how level it was, every spin cycle made it "walk" to a different position. I was forever having to stop the spin to even out the load, and sometimes no matter how much I tried I couldn't keep it from banging around. When the Lowe's guys took it away, the lid came right off. One of the hinges was already broken but somehow the other simply gave way. I'm thankful for the free machine, but ever so much more thankful I could finally afford a new and much much much better one! The last house I lived in, the dryer heating element conked out so I just bought an umbrella clothesline, and have been using it ever since. Saves a lot on electricity.
    But yeah, it seems like crap happens, and then it all works out so beautifully down the road. I'm a happy girl. Thanks for sharing your laundry room woes! LOL!
    2214 days ago
    I know what you mean LOL! I got a new washer and dryer about a month ago and I'm so happy! My washer was in bad shape and the bearings in it or something were shot and in the spin cycles sounded like it was going to take off like a jet plane and it jiggled all over the place. My dryer took at least 3 hours to dry a load. Now I'm in heaven cause I can get the laundry done quietly and in a reasonable amount of time! Congratulations on the clothes you can fit back into! Hope you get the health issues figured out and fixed quickly
    2214 days ago
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