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Conquering my inner dragon

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Perhaps that is closer to my inner dragon aka ID.

It is that part of me that says: "You can't do it!"

I talk back and say "But I did it before."

ID "who says you can do it again. (whiny voice) It's so hard!"

Me "I know it's hard but it's worth it."

ID "Why? (Still whiny voice)."

Me "Because if I don't do it, nobody else will. I put on this weight. I put the food in my mouth. I let my fear of pain conquer the better part of me."

ID "But I thought the I was the better part? (indignantly still whiny)."

Me "You know what Dragon. I have had enough of your whiny complaining and knocking me down. There's not enough room in her for you and me, and it is time for you to hit the road Mack." I push the inner dragon off the bed, it scrambles to try to get up. I say "Get lost! for Good! I got stuff to do."

ID gulps, and slinks out the door.

Me "And STAY out, I don't have any use for you any more."

I then proceed to do my basic ten minute physical therapy exercise with weights carefully. I do NOT want to irritate the neck and arms again, but I HAVE to make this happen. Ten minutes at a time. It has to be an every day decision to do this.

My therapy cat Peaches crawls up and meows next to me. I look at the clock. Ten minutes of exercise has passed. I scratch under his chin, and get out of bed and get ready to tackle any other inner dragons trying to conquer me. I am in charge. Get out of the way boys!


Tasks at hand
Pay the bills
Clean off the recumbent bike
recharge the wii balance board

I'm back.
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