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Something is seriously wrong!!!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Yesterday, I ate all the foods that I had lost weight on before. I have given up, salt, tea, coffee, sugar, bread, chickpeas (no big deal), chocolate & chicken and eat more vegetables than I have ever had in my entire life. I drink so much water that I am constantly in the washroom. I thought that I had figured out the food combination thing, but today when I weighed myself, I was up another pound. Trying to figure out this eating thing along with all that I am doing to prepare for our move to Europe is creating so much stress, for me.

My Dear Spark Friends I am so confused! I don't know what to do. Any suggestions?

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    I hate it when that happens! How long before you move? Can you just hang in there and do your best until you move? I have found it too hard during my move right now to be able to do much more than survive! I think once you do move and settle in you will be much more able to handle working on weight loss. I have gained a couple of pounds during this all but am trying not to be too hard on myself. I hope you can do the same. You are going through so much right now...I vote you just try and take care of yourself, eat healthy and reasonably and not worry about too much...just keep your eye on the prize for once you get there.

    1881 days ago
    The first thing I think about here is WATER WEIGHT! You said you were drinking more water than you ever have before so this could easily be the culprit. Also, it is perfectly NORMAL to flucuate 2-3lbs any given day.

    I think weighing in every day is hurting you more than it is helping you. Your diet is very healthy and you are treating yourself right so give the scale a break. Eat what you feel agrees with you and wait a few days to see if the scale has actually moved. I don't believe that a one day fluctuation in weight tells the whole story because there are so many factors that can affect that pesky number.

    You are WONDERFUL and under a lot of stress with the move. Don't be so hard on yourself emoticon
    1881 days ago
    Seriously - a lb.? If you get on the scale 10 times in one most likely will get 10 different weights. And those ten different numbers will vary by several pounds.

    Don't get upset over a pound. It could be you had too much sodium, or just your body metabolizing things slower.

    Do you use the Nutrition tracker here on SPARKPEOPLE? It is invaluable. If you are tracking everything you eat and drink, at the end of the day, it shows you what you went over in, like Calories, Fat , Protein, Carbs, Sodium...etc. I really think it helps me stay on track.

    As the others have said, STRESS is always a big factor. When you add in not sleeping enough, or too much sodium, or the wrong combination of foods, well, you just get worse. These bodies of ours are complicated things!

    I wish you well on moving to Europe. That is so Exciting! emoticon
    1882 days ago
    There can be a number of contributing factors....stress??? sodium??? etc. The key is to persevere and stay focused. By not giving up, you will soon find a way for your body to be successful! Wishing you the best of luck on your journey!
    1882 days ago
    I agree with a lot of comments on this blog...the scale does fluctuate a lot, and the stress of moving doesn't help. I think one's body does take some time to adapt to changes in diet too, plus extra vegetables contain more water so it could be water more than anything else that is affecting the current reading on the scales. I think eating healthily and exercising if you can, plus some relaxation and good sleep are the best things to aim for at the moment. Take care, Maureen - wishing you well and thinking of you.
    Hugs, Nattacia

    1882 days ago
    Hang in there Maureen. It will take time for
    your body to adjust to all the changes. Just
    don't give up. It will happen. emoticon
    1883 days ago
    So frustrating. Hang in there. It will happen.
    1883 days ago
    welcome to my world, your body keeps adjusting to the changes you do and keeps wanting you to step it up another notch, if you cut back on the exercise it lets you know it
    1883 days ago
    If you are able to see a nutritionist why don't you try that. She can tell you everything that you are doing wrong. She can help you with your meals as well as with some of the stress that maybe causing you to eat incorrectly. Hang in there.
    1883 days ago
    My dear sparks buddy I feel your pain. I agree with some of the other ladies that stress is a killer when it comes to weight loss. You are under an enormous stress with all the decisions and such of a big move. It might not be the time for you to over focus on dieting. Your body chemistry certainly is effected by stress. Overall I know you know how to eat healthy. You might just focus on eating things you really enjoy and things that you know don't get along with your body. I know how hard and frustrating this whole thing can be. As I have said before you are simply beautiful! If I were you, especially after making the big move to Mexico, I would focus more on health and eating for health so that you will be strong throughout the move. When will you actually be moving?
    Try hard to find some good to yourself.
    1883 days ago
    Relax, dont obsess over the scale, and concentrate on eating healthy with portion control. On the bright side, moving to Europe should help with losing weight because i know over there everything is much smaller proportion wise then it is in the US. Most importantly, don't give up! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1883 days ago
    are you eating enough food? protein at every meal?
    1883 days ago
    Stay off the scale and just try to concentrate on eating right and getting your exercise. The scale fluctuates not only every day but every hour. It can be such a downer! Try to stay focused on the things you can control and the weight loss will come. emoticon
    1883 days ago
    I've found that stress can add pounds when I think I am doing everything else right. Doing yoga and pilates every other day has helped in reducing the stress. And I also have learned that the pounds can and will go up and down .. it's about the journey. I am only weighing myself once a week (which helps to reduce the stress). This journey is not perfect, and when I'm stressed I take long walks (increasing the intensity and/or speed). It helps reduce the stress and increases the calories burned. Are you drinking green tea? It has helped me by taking some of the 'cravings' away and keeping me on track. Wishing you success on your journey. As I say all the time, sometimes it's about 'JUST TAKE A BREATHE'.
    1883 days ago
  • LIS193
    You are stressing too much. Stress puts on weight!
    You are preparing for a major move and change in your life. Now may not be the time to try a new eating plan. Relax, eat what you want in moderation and see what happens. Stressing over the "right" foods isn't working for you right now. Take a deep breath, don't obsess and enjoy your last few weeks before your move. Time enough to get with the program when you're in Spain. Life is a journey ~ take your time. :)
    1883 days ago
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