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February 2012: My Progress so far...

Friday, February 22, 2013

...I have been following Keto diet plan since December 17th...in January I had inches lost and 2lbs...in a month...I wasn't discouraged as the inches were from my hips and waist, which is where I carry the most fat...

Unfortunately, I haven't lost anything this month and was 10 days out of commission due to falling ill...in that time frame I gained 7 pounds...don't know why...didn't eat junk and just ate soup and veggies...

Finally started back with my exercise and diet routine this week...but I think I have food allergies...particularly to eggs...which is a huge part of my diet...have an appt set up with an allergist soon...will know for sure then...

Next month is my milestone 40th birthday...I feel discouraged because my goal all these years has been to reach 40 and be under 200 pounds...I exercise daily, I do cardio and weights, I diet like a mad woman...and my body just fights me the whole time...with my birthday almost a month away, I'm giving up my goal and accepting the fact that I'm just never going to be thinner than I am now...I think it's better for me in the long run to just accept me as I am and learn to live with myself and love myself...its hard because everyone is always giving me "advice" to lose weight...people look at me and they "assume" that I don't know or don't want to lose weight...its hurtful but I don't say anything...just "thank you" and "oh I'll look into that"...they have no idea how many different exercises, personal trainers, diets, products, etc...I've tried to help get this body where I want it...on top of everything, its hard to meet someone when all the guys are looking for are Barbie dolls...at least the guys with potential...the only ones that look at me are the bottom of the barrel and they are jerks who think I have such low self esteem that I'll be grateful for anyone to pay attention to me...these guys are the ones that think I'm going to be their sugar mama and give/loan them money, or let them have a free place to stay or whatever they think they can get out of me...as soon as I see their play I kick them to the curb...I might be fat, but I'm not stupid...

Does this mean I'm going to stop doing what I'm doing? Heck no...I love exercise and how it makes me stronger...it helps with my daily muscle aches and pain...I love eating right because my diet is so limited due to allergies that the only thing I eat are whole, natural foods...and it is very good for my overall health, I think clearer, I feel healthier and I know it is good for me...

So...I continue and maybe one day I might get the results I want...if not...then my real fitness goal this year is to accept myself and my body the way it is...and love me! Besides...I don't need to look at the mirror every day to live...lol emoticon
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    I understand your discouragement. When one first starts LC, the weight drops off so quickly and practically effortlessly.... --you can't help but think/hope/expect it will always be this easy. And it's not.
    I have a theory. Researchers have found that the body has a "mind of its own" and it is NOT the brain that they talk about. If I understand correctly, it is your entire nervous system, as well as each and every cell in your body. So I hypothesize that each and every cell in your body hangs onto fat that comes their way out of a sense of self(cellular) preservation when it detects that there has been a reduction in your diet. The cells themselves must get "comfortable" with the situation and learn to trust that they are being adequately nourished and that they will continue to be adequately nourished. Then they "relax" and let the fat go -- until the next time they "get worried" again. I know I am anthropomorphizing and over-simplifying; but it is easy to understand!

    Thus, slow and steady wins the race. Don't be discouraged! Remember how much progress you've made! Look how far you've come! (Maintain that!) And change your thinking from "making little progress" to "pacing yourself"! When your entire body is ready, you'll take off again! You WILL lose more weight if you don't just give up!

    I too have been out of commission this last month (knee surgery). Due to my immobility, I was unable to reach the fridge or kitchen -- and too embarrassed/ashamed to ask DH to run and fetch snacks for me-- so I was limited to 3 meals a day -- and I lost 8 pounds. It seems I am quite a snacker! Beware the snacking path! I wanted to eat out of sheer boredom!

    1910 days ago
    You know, sometimes, it is best to take your attention off a specific end goal for a time. If I recall, YOOVIE got within 20 pounds of her goal and then plateaued for over a year. She decided her body was done losing and decided to focus on reducing her body fat percentage. Through that, she found weight training and, wouldn't you know, lost the rest of the weight! You can check her page for more details. We never know what exactly is going to work for us but if your goal of getting under 200 is vexing you unnecessarily, maybe letting it go for now is the right choice! emoticon
    1920 days ago
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