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Friday, February 22, 2013

The Woman's World (WW) Magazine came out yesterday...the one with the story about me!

We picked up the magazine on our way home from hubby's biopsy prostate. After the procedure, he said, "An anal probe is JUST as uncomfortable as it sounds!" But he's back to work again today, and says he feels better than he has in weeks. He still has the catheter however, and it will be in until he has surgery for the enlarged prostate. We should have results on the biopsy early next week, I'm confident it will be negative for cancer. His PSA tests have always been very low, and they reassured us yesterday that an enlarged prostate has absolutely no relation to prostate cancer. So I'm thinking positively!

The article in WW was very nice. They did Spark a great favor, and it is mentioned prominently throughout the story. That is good, since Spark was so instrumental in my weight loss and continues to help me in my maintenance. They gave my story a few new angles...the love of my husband (which is so important). In the story it says that hubby told me, "You're beautiful." I don't know that he ever said that. He still doesn't say that. Compliments are not his strong suit, he shows his love in the way he treats me and I've long accepted and embraced that wonderful quality. I do remember him telling me, "I see beyond the fat." Doesn't he have a way with words??? emoticon

The article also mentions how I cried in my car in the doctor's office parking lot, after that day in Dec. 2009, when my doctor told me, "The EKG seems to show you've already had a heart attack." That was devastating to me. His words still ring in my ears. And even though subsequent tests with a cardiologist (which the article didn't really make clear) showed that my heart was fine and that doctor had mis-read my EKG, that day and those words provided my motivation to begin my journey to get healthier. Several other stories that were written about me gave the misleading information that I HAD suffered a heart attack, in fact that's what the headline on the Joy Fit Club page says, even though my story, if you listen to it, says that was NOT true!

I'm still trying to get ahold of the photography person from WW, and see if they will send me more of the pictures than I could afford to buy from the photographer. I loved the picture the photographer took from overhead (hiding my awful "waddle") of me in my kitchen, cutting fruit. I don't see why they wouldn't send me the pictures....they won't be using them for anything else! But I've left several phone messages with WW, and she won't call me back! I'll have to just keep bugging her!

It was nice of Spark to feature me today:

"It's a great week for SparkPeople's Success Stories! Our members have been featured in two major magazines. First, we shared Megen's story, and today we have news about Pam Holmes (MAGGIEROSEBOWL), who started her weight loss journey at 328 pounds and 58 years old. Just over a year later, she hit her goal of 160, then kept going. Now she's at 150 pounds!

According to Pam, who has also been featured on the Today show, less is more. She has much more energy and the freedom to do whatever she wants, including substitute teaching, which she previously shied away while obese from for fear of ridicule. She did it all with the help of SparkPeople, which she calls "a lifesaver."

You can read more about her journey in this week�s issue of Woman�s World, which will be on the newsstands through Wednesday, February 27!

Way to go, Pam!"

Thank YOU Spark! You are the BEST thing that ever happened to my weight-loss attempts and ultimate success!

If you don't get a chance to buy WW, or have no desire to do so, maybe in the next couple days I can get a copy of the article scanned, enlarged (so it's readable), and posted here on my blog. It's not available on-line anywhere. I know I always love reading about fellow Sparker's stories when they are featured in various media.

I still love the attention, and want to be worthy of it. I know lots of new Sparkers read my story today, after the notice from Spark, and my success serves as inspiration to them. So that makes it even more important to maintain my weight loss. It will never be easy. I have come to the realization that even a few extra bites here and there, nowhere near that magic 3,500 calories that is supposedly contained in ONE pound, will lead to a gain of 2 or 3 pounds for me. So I have to always always be diligent, refuse dessert, and limit snacking to fruit and veggies.

We had been predicted to have a major blizzard in these parts yesterday...but it didn't really materialize. I think officially we got about 8", which is an obstacle, especially out here in the country, but not horrible. As soon as they get out to clear our road, we should be able to get out easily. In fact hubby and son were both able to get down the road to get to work today....although they both have 4-wheel drive pick-ups. I am lucky to be retired...I have no need nor desire to get out today and will stay at home until the roads become more passable.

I should mention my substitute teaching experience Wed. afternoon. I subbed in a 3rd grade classroom, and didn't expect it to be much different than other substituting experiences, but boy, was I wrong! I got there at 12:15, even though I had a note from the teacher that the kids were gone to lunch until 12:55, and I wouldn't have kids until then. I was hoping if I got there early I would have a chance to read the lesson plan and be a little more prepared. The teacher was still there when I arrived and I got to go over things with her, which was very helpful. In fact she didn't leave until about 1:15, and started the reading lesson with the kids when they got back from lunch. But when she left, all HELL broke loose. An acquaintance of my oldest son's had come into the classroom earlier, and introduced herself, she is also a 3rd grade teacher in the school. She said she had messaged Mark (my son) on Facebook that morning, telling him NOT to warn me about my class. He didn't. But she did, telling me it was too bad that I got THIS REALLY BAD GROUP, and then I started to worry. Not sure if her warning made it worse or not, but those kids were just out of control. There might have been two or three kids in that room who actually sat at their desks and did what they had been assigned, the rest were running all over, even after my repeated warnings to SIT DOWN. School dismissed at 3:53, but that was the longest one hour and 37 minutes in my life! Makes me never want to sub again. I know I will never go back to THAT particular classroom! On the PLUS side, not one mention was made of my "waddle." Guess they were more concerned about trying to get away with everything they could since they had a sub, than they were about how I looked.
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    Got a friend to pick up my copy as I could not get put to get it!
    1915 days ago
    emoticon emoticon

    I don't usually buy Woman's World, but I was called to do so yesterday and what a delight it was to find your story in it! WTG!! It is so good that you are able to share your success with so many and be an inspiration that losing weight is doable - even when we're older!

    So happy for you! YOU ROCK!!
    1915 days ago
    emoticon Just got the Magazine Today! The Article is Great, and it does a Great Shout Out to Spark People!! As we have learned, getting some places to allow you to mention Spark is harder than losing weight!!
    1916 days ago
    emoticon emoticon

    1917 days ago
    1917 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1917 days ago
  • MYRTLE811
    How happy you must be with both the article's appearance and the news that your husband does not have a chronic disease. I'm sure their speculation is correct; keep thinking that way. It is hard to keep the weight down; you do have to be very careful, the difference for you this time is you're catching it right away! Keep up the great work.
    1917 days ago
    I will try to find a copy of it.
    1917 days ago
    Thanks for such a nice blog and explanation about the article. I would love to read it. Hoping all is well with your DH test.
    Congrats for surveying that sub assignment. That must have been a challenge. Don't blame you for not wanting that class again.
    1917 days ago
    Congrats Pam on another story that gets out the success of your battle with obesity.
    I know you started your weight loss at 58, but I was 68 and even at that age it's never to later to lose a vast amount of weight and get your life back on track.
    I posted a blog this week describing my 3 years, 1 month and 3 weeks on my journey along with pictures. If you get a chance give it a read.
    I am sorry your husband has to go through the cancer, I hope all is caught early and the treatment will bring recovery very soon.
    I admire you for taking on the sub teaching. Like you found out you don't know about a class until you get it. But If I remember my grade school or even high school, we alwaYS GAVE THE SUBS A BAD TIME. JUST SOMETHING WE HAD FUN WITH. YOU KNOW KIDS WILL BE KIDS WHEN THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH IT. OUR REGULAR TEACHER WOULD NEVER STAND FOR THE GREIF WE PUT THE SUB THROUGH.
    Be strong, stay positive.
    Huga Tisha
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1917 days ago
    What a true inspiration! It helps to hear stories from women closer to my age. I was in my 50's as well when I lost 75#, but that's NOTHING like your weight loss! You rock! emoticon
    1917 days ago
    I will have to find it, and thanks for sharing it really helps! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1917 days ago
    I am enjoying reading your blog and progress! emoticon
    1917 days ago
    What a awesome, inspiring, encouraging blog Pam. You are a very strong woman and one who has shown us of all ages that we too can change our life no matter your age. I can't wait to get the magazine!

    I am also in agreement with you concerning you hubby (not having cancer). All is well!

    Keep up the tremendous maintenance - you look wonderful!!!

    emoticon for sharing.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    1917 days ago
    Fantastic! If you can get it scanned and in your blog,
    you are better at this than I am. I would love to read
    that article. My 50 pound weight loss looks like a
    walk in the park compared to your journey.
    You are one awesome woman.
    Keep on SParking and enjoy the walk of fame! HUGS!
    1917 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/23/2013 7:33:02 AM
    1918 days ago
    1918 days ago
    I am definateky going to try to pick up WW tomorrow! What an inspiration you are! And I feel for you with that class....when I was 21, I did some substitute teaching, got a class like that, went home and went to bed at 6PM! I never subbed again!
    1918 days ago
    That is so awesome! Congrats on your awesome coverage! :) And your awesome job at becoming healthy!
    1918 days ago
    emoticon emoticon I can't wait to get my Woman's World copy in the mail.... emoticon
    1918 days ago
    I will be sure to pick up that magazine and read the article; I hope they do get back to you to give you the pictures. Sorry to hear about the bad experience in the classroom; definitely avoid that one like the plague!
    1918 days ago
  • MARTY728
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1918 days ago
  • CANNIE50
    I just bought the magazine today and will read your article first! I am so proud of you. The photos are lovely, as they should be since you are lovely. I know it's frustrating about the photos being expensive and the WW people not calling back and/or giving you some, but I sure hope you get more photos even if you have to pay because they really are exceptionally good quality.

    I am glad you survived that pack of little hooligans - you are no longer a rookie, you are a seasoned veteran emoticon emoticon

    I so hope your husband's ordeal is over soon. And, yes, he is quite the silver-tongued devil, it sounds like emoticon
    1918 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/22/2013 5:22:03 PM
  • KERRYG155
    I'll keep an eye out for tha mag. How could the principal leave a sub in a class known to be that rowdy without help? That sounds totally wrong. Hopefully it wasn't a class my grand niece was in. LOL
    1918 days ago
  • LINDAK25
    It's so exciting that the article was published! People really do need a positive roll model. I think it's great that you can do this. I hope you're able to get some of the photos they took. I can't wait to read the article.

    So sorry your hubby has to go through all this. Hopefully, he'll be better soon. My hubby isn't good about compliments either. Then again, I haven't been good about receiving them. It's something I'm working on.

    Wow, I don't think I could substitute teach, kudos to you for doing it. That class sounds horrible.
    1918 days ago
    Congratulation on the WW article. Unfortunately communication is not always 100%. I'm glad that SP was mentioned. I tell all of my friends about the site. I even tell people that are not overwieght. My sister-n-law uses it to plan her diabetic and low fat meals. I'm sorry for the the experience in the 3rd grade class. Bless that teachers heart!
    1918 days ago
  • DOODIE59
    Don't even thinking of stopping something you waited a long time to do because of those ill-behaved children. As you saw, their reputation preceded them, so their bad behaviour had nothing to do with you. Imagine their poor f/t teacher! Poor thing. You are fortunate that you CAN turn down a bad school -- and if they "black ball" you as a result, you don't want to work there anyway. That will probably stand out as your worst class ever -- and you got it out of the way early:)

    I'm going to try the magazine with your article in it -- Congrats!
    ps It is VERY clear in the photos with your husband that he cares very, very deeply for you. Showing, rather than expressing, your love is every bit as good in my opinion. Hurray for him.
    1918 days ago
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