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Friday, February 22, 2013

Vacation is over! Thank goodness!! My tummy is so tight with bad food bloat emoticon that it is uncomfortable. Vacation was good, not great. I got hit with a lot of suprise charges that I wasn't expecting. I paid off my credit card and closed it and so I only use my debit card. Well I knew reserving my rental car that they could hold up to $200 over the charge since I didn't use a credit card. I pre-paid the $162 and then they hold $250. I get to my hotel and when we pull in we are stopped by valet. They ask me if I was aware that their hotel was valet only and it would cost me $32 a night to park my car or I could park it 2 blocks away in Hollywood (which is not as safe and glamorous as visitors would think). Of course, I had to pay for valet. I paid for our rooms weeks ago and when I get there, they tell me that since it was paid with a debit card, they would have to hold a $100 deposit. So right now I have $350 in limbo for services that I already paid hundreds of dollars for.

But back to the food. Did I mention I have a cement block in my gut? I may add that everything I CHOSE to eat was scrumpt-diddily-umptious. Our first evening there we had California Pizza Kitchen (which we have in Omaha) and we had some amazing southwestern chicken rolls. I then ordered the white pizza with spinach, feta and mozzarella cheese, and I added chicken and bacon emoticon. I had some red wine - which i didn't get close to finishing- and then we ordered a slice of red velvet cake to share in the hotel. The next morning we go to Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles. It was THE BEST! Look at all this food:

Now I must add that this was not ALL my food, just the larger plate on the left! It was so filling, we didn't eat again until we got snacks at the hotel around 9 pm. I take that back. I had McDonalds at the Lakers game that evening. It was greasy as hell! The flavor wasn't good. Won't want that for a long time. The game wasn't exciting for me once it started. My team lost! And they lost bad! Plus we had the cheap seats and i think people lose their dignity when they get up there because the things that were coming out of these people's mouth about my Celtics. It was pissing me off! But then I saw how good my man-the BIGGEST Lakers fan- handled me and supported me when I was one of a couple of people in our section wearing green. He wrapped his arms around me and expressed his dissatisfaction with the fellow fans. Here are some pics of the game:

Before the game we did do a lot of window shopping on Rodeo Drive. But then I saw the price tags in some of the windows and the armed guards that we decided to get the hell out of Dodge!

I met Conan O'Brien

and Moses

and me and the Godfather had to straighten someone out

But despite meeting a ton of other celebrities - at the wax museum that is- it was just good to spend quality time with my soon-to-be-husband

At the end of the trip we got on our flight to Denver and because of the snow storm in Omaha, we were stuck there for six hours. In a fit of boredom and a realization that vacay was ending and I would be back to my healthy lifestyle, I went to TCBY and got a double scoop waffle cone. However, their double scoop is actually a 3.5 serving of ice cream. Hence, the cement in my tummy.

I did have a few NSVs while on vacay.

1. I went into GUESS on Hollywood Blvd just to see if there was anything in there that I could possibly fit. I saw a cute, simple tank and I grabbed the XL. The only color I saw in that size was white. I tried it on, and it seemed to be a tiny bit big. I asked the sales girl if they had more colors in XL and she said she didn't but she had more colors in the back. She came back with purple and emerald IN A MEDIUM! WTF??? I told her, I can't fit that. She said, actually I think you can, that one is too big. Just try it on. I was like - huh? She reminded me that it was a forgiving fabric. I tried it on, AND THEY FIT! BEAUTIFULLY! Now don't go buying me mediums just yet, but it was still a NSV for me.

2. My first shower at the hotel I realized that they only had these tiny bath towels - of course- it is Hollywood. When I got out of the shower I just grabbed one knowing it wouldn't wrap around me, but IT DID. WITH NO GAPPING! Derrell took a pic but he told me I couldn't post it.

3. We went to Beverly Hills to shop at Century Center and I saw this fitness store for women called Lucy. It was expensive! But I am getting tired of wearing random workout clothes. I want to look good and show off my shape when I workout. THe sales girl asked me what size I was looking for. I told her XL. She said, "NO. We need a Large." I was nervous but in Beverly Hills, I fit a large. That felt great and I got two awesome workout tanks that cost me $106 ( I will never do that again), But I looked amazing.

That is all for now - Derrell is making me go to the gym. Thank God!
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