The time is now.

Friday, February 22, 2013

I haven't been blogging here, although I have started another blog elsewhere. It's theamazingvalerie.blogsp

I'm pretty excited about eating better and even more so that I am doing it while cleaning out the pantry of stocked up items.

It's been a slow start. I was naturally gung-ho when I realized that yes, I can do this. I am definitely eating better and less. I haven't been working out. We have almost completely gone vegetarian which is great. D of course is losing weight like nobody's business. His gut is pretty much non existent. Practically got visible abs. He's not even doing anything. Yes I am jealous. Ugh. At least he is 100% on board with having a vegetarian house. That makes me happy.

One of the brighter, happier parts of being on a strict budget is that I have no choice but to refrain from eating when we don't have much to eat. I mean, I have things to eat, but I have to actually prepare them. So clearly "snacks" will not be keeping me from my goals any longer.

Oh yes, and I have a friend visiting in 34 days and I am using her upcoming trip as a goal setter. Can I bootcamp myself for 34 days? She last saw me 6 months ago at -20 lbs. Eek. Little embarrassing there. But I can do it. I can work these muscles and burn calories and eat my leafy greens. I can show my body some love and good care.

Right now is the perfect time to start.
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