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We shall overcome...(A&I BSG Roses WK3)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Write about overcoming a personal hurdle. What did you learn about yourself during the process? What advice would you give someone facing a similar “hurdle?”

hurdle: obstacle - barrier - impediment - bar - hindrance

I have overcome injuries in the past and trained hard to come back just as strong or stronger. I continue to be careful not to over-train and to regularly do physical therapy exercises to prevent injuries. I learned that I want to be able to move and do the things I want to do without limitations.

In 2009 I had one of those years from hell. In addition to (and partially due to) the difficult (or even traumatic) circumstances at work and in my family, I ended up regaining more than 60% of the weight I’d lost 6 years earlier (80 pounds). When 2010 had almost arrived, I decided I needed to regain my health, physically and mentally. I knew the only way to do this was to get back into good physical shape and resume an active lifestyle I had set aside. I looked for a way to track my eating and my exercise and stumbled across the SP site. By August 2011 I had lost 55 pounds and in 2012 ran 5 half-marathons. My weight still fluctuates, but not more than 20 pounds. I feel I have totally overcome that hurdle I faced in 2009. I learned that maintaining my weight is just as hard for me as losing weight.

My advice would be that it is mostly mental. You have to make up your mind that you will take your life and health back back and do it slowly with the help of one or more medical professionals if you face challenges that would make that the smart thing to do. It’s a long-term commitment and not just a flash in the pan. It is not easy. But the payoff is tremendous!
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