Exciting Day at the Gym

Thursday, February 21, 2013

So, the other day I wrote on my gym's Facebook page that I had lost 70 pounds and that I was thankful for them being there for me in my journey. I really do feel like I have them to thank for the great progress I am making. The instructors are all amazing and motivating and I love taking classes there. The gym is clean, well stocked and just a really pleasant place to work out. I believe exercise is an important part of reaching our goals.

I had received a reply back congratulating me and they stated they see me there every day and they think I am really an amazing success story. They stated they wanted me to see the site manager and that they had something for me. So, today I went in and asked to see the manager. She gave me THREE FREE TRAINING SESSIONS. I am so excited. I would NEVER be able to afford personal training on my own. There are so many machines and bells and whistles I would like to do or try, but I have no idea how to use them and do not want to hurt myself doing something wrong. There are the kettlebells (I always thought it was kettleballs until oh 2 days ago), and the TRX suspension ropes (although to me those always remind me of something you use in the bedroom not the gym), and just the weighted medicine ball looking things. I really think this training might be just what I need to go even further in my transformation and I am just giddy. She said that they very rarely get the permission to give out free personal training, but that my hard work was so amazing they felt they had to celebrate it somehow. It really made up for the bad comments I was getting on Friday.

So, hard work really DOES pay off. Maybe not on the scale every day (right now I am not budging, but I am having a horrible TOM), but something amazing will happen!
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