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2 Dress Sizes!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

I was just reading old blogs on here, just to see where I was at a year ago, when I actually started Zumba, etc.

I found out that I was about the same weight a year ago as I am now, but I was also 2 dress sizes bigger! Zumba really really works! Essentially, I'm smaller but weigh the same, which means I have more muscle. Yes, having more muscle means I burn more fat at a resting rate, but it also means that things are protected.

My getting healthy journey started because I had bulging discs in my back and I was devastated because I couldn't pick up my then 1 year old son. I was sick often, had knee issues, etc.

Now, I don't worry so much about my back because I have core muscles that support it. I can pick up my ever growing 5 year old. I get sick now and again, but I'm not sick for long! I have knee issues, I always will (I have a cyst under my knee cap, it doesn't just disappear) but I don't use that as an excuse and I don't have nearly the dislocation issues as I used to because muscles are built in the right direction and there is a lot less weight being put on my knees.

So as I read these blogs I realized that, even though I would like to take off 5 more pounds to be at a certain number on the scale, I really am very happy with being a 140ish pound girl that wears a size 6 and is getting more fit everyday!

That's my realization for the day!

Make it a great one all!
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