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Watch this video if you ever were bullied or felt ostracized in life

Thursday, February 21, 2013

To this day I'm still affected by my childhood/early adulthood, the way I was treated by other kids/people, the utter loneliness of always being the new kid, the weird kid, the nerd, the bookworm, the loner, the poor kid..then being called the boy/girl, ugly, dyke, spaz, slut and freak... School was never fun, nor do I have good memories of it... (I lost count at 13 of the amount of schools I went to )..I avoided eating school lunch (and later in public) and hiding in the libraries... Refusing to go to recess...hiding during gym because I was too scared to be made fun of... Becoming so shy I couldn't look ANYONE in the eyes. ...

You'd be surprised how long and how HARD not only this, but also having a VERY dysfunctional family life growing up has affected me and I know I'm not alone....

I'm a work in progress and it has been a long time coming for me finally becoming happy with WHO and WHAT I am.

I have good days and bad...I'm growing into myself and I'm loving myself more with each day that passes.

With that being said,

This spoken word video hit at my heart strings...I was crying during the whole thing!

I encourage you to not only listen to this but if you have or know of young naive kids (or meanie adults) please let them hear/watch this.

Be enlightened.


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    That was a powerful video! I was bullied briefly until I fought back. But, some aren't so lucky. It was only one person doing it to me in elementary school.
    I too have a dysfunctional family and to this day, upset my life in lots of ways. It is too bad even our families can make us suffer so much! I hear you and feel for you...heart breaking what so many people go through in their lives! Most end up obese, like I did! I am totally with you on what you said---"I have good days and bad...I'm growing into myself and I'm loving myself more with each day that passes"- I am feeling the same way!! Hang in there! Thanks for sharing the blog and video with us! And thanks for commenting on my blog-meant a lot!! emoticon emoticon

    1883 days ago

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    I loved that vid, thanks. I posted it on my FB page. I am so sorry to hear folks that have been scared by cruel words, comments, actions, etc. from other people. I know I have had them cast at me as well as I have cast them at others. To this day I remember some of the silliest comments that apparently have left a scar or I would have just forgotten them. They weren't always form a bully either, sometimes from a loved one that just didn't realize how that word or comment stuck to me.

    I am not all that sure that ANYONE has escaped this. There are just varying degrees and differences in one's ability to ignore these things. Sadly, I think awareness has been taken over by extreme PCness. And this is like over use of antibiotics. We are now finding that we have created even stronger forms of viruses and we are having more problems fighting them off. Words and the sheltering of folks from them can have a similar affect. We can't keep trying to stop the bully since that will never happen completely. We need to also do more to thicken the skin of the people that will eventually have to be on their own and defending themselves from these attacks.

    "Sticks and stone may break one's bones, but names will never hurt them" may not be totally true, but it was the best folks knew back then to help others cope with the inevitable. We need to work harder at educating kids to be nicer and to let them know it won't always be returned in kind.
    1883 days ago
    I think everyone should watch it, even if they haven't been bullied. It make a bully realize the damage he/she is doing. Great video. Thanks for posting and thanks for being beautiful despite the ugliness you endured.
    1884 days ago

    This poem is soo upsetting... that some people actually live their entire lives that sad , lonely and depressed! I am so glad to hear that you can relate to this poem, but that you have been able to grow from such a dark place, to a place where there is HOPE and all other things positive!

    1884 days ago
    I was the best student in class, so the "nerd". People tried to bully me, but I never let them. I always replied with a smile or with a more harsh comment for them so it was ended before even started.

    When I was 11 I had the breast I have now. That made people (aka boys) make jokes about it. Firstly, I didn't care (because I knew that they would appreciate my breasts later...) but afterwards they started making jokes even in the middle of the class while I was giving an answer to the teacher. One day I stopped my answer, I looked at this boy and said "Aha! Now, I get it! You are jealous and you wish YOU had these tits, too!". Everybody laughed, the teacher looked at me like I was crazy (priceless...)and ofc the boy never bothered me again! And I was 11...

    So after that, I understood that we let unworthy people get in our heads. I never did it again.

    I only care about the opinion of people I respect, admire or love. All others have no right to judge me, as I don't judge them either. And if they do, well, shame on them, not me!

    Thank you for the video, it's great!
    1885 days ago
    I was bullied on a pretty regular basis in grade 7.. Luckily it ended after that since I moved to a different city, but I was never a popular kid. Honestly, I don't really know where my lack of self-confidence comes from.. I had loving, supportive parents. I think I've always just been a shy type of person. I'm slowly starting to gain confidence in myself as I get older though. I feel like now that I finally have a grasp on what I want to do with my life that I can stop stressing so much and just focus on being happy. Glad that you're learning to accept yourself for who you are, 'cause you're beautiful inside and out! :)
    1885 days ago
    I found out after my grandma's funeral the other day that my 55 year old brother was bullied nearly every day at school....and our dad advised him to 'ignore it'....he ended up having a lot of issues and is finally starting to learn how to deal with them...
    Thanks for sharing...
    1885 days ago
    Not only did I read your words, watch the video and weep openly at my desk, I shared this video with everyone I know.

    All I see is your beauty and wisdom, thank you for sharing your scars and telling us ... "I'm growing into myself and I'm loving myself more with each day that passes."
    1885 days ago

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