Thursday, February 21, 2013

These days I feel like my life is about as jam-packed as the American snack food industry - which is very. Haha. Today is my Saturday, and I've decided I'm going to take it easy while still getting things done. I've already managed to bake a week's worth of paprika-garlic chicken thighs (which are super delicious!), take out the trash, feed the dogs, and do the dishes. I was going to do laundry, but the washer is still all kinds of busted, so I'm going to have to find a friend who will be kind enough to let me invade their house tomorrow so I can do a few loads to last until the plumber gets here.

For the rest of the day I plan to do some cleaning and other household chores, then kick back, relax, and enjoy some books/movies/shows/drawing/wri
ting/whatever I feel like. Tomorrow is going to be the day of crazy, though! I was planning on going down to the Dallas Farmer's Market to check out the totally awesome meat vendors and stock up on local organic beef, lamb, and turkey. On top of that I have to do laundry SOMEWHERE, pay bills, do the grocery shopping for the week, track down a textbook for a certification exam for work, and make sense of the multiple social plans that have suddenly fallen into my lap for the evening. Whew! Somewhere in there I hope I have time to relax before the next long work week.

As far as food is concerned, I dropped the ball yesterday because I couldn't resist the temptation of a 10pc of nuggets last night. Waah-waaaah. But today I'm ready to get back on track yet again. I ate one of those chicken thighs I made this morning with some steamed broccoli sprinkled with pepper, garlic, and some part skim mozzarella, and it was delicious! I've got plenty of chicken and veggies to sustain me quite well, and if I get bored with that there is a butternut squash lasagna just waiting to get made.

There are a ton of recipes I have in store for the coming week, too! Most are from a Paleo cookbook I've been looking at that seem amazingly delicious, including Shepherd's pie with mashed cauliflower and lamb, chocolate chili, cumin-roasted carrot sticks, and cinnamon beef stew with orange gremolata. Mmm-mmm! Just the thought of cooking something successfully actually gets me motivated about eating well again. I'm afraid that my grocery store trip tomorrow is going to be quite expensive. :X I'm probably going to have to reign it in a bit haha.

And today I'm counting my housework as fitness and I don't even feel bad about it! A few straight hours of lugging out the trash, moving and fiddling with the washer and it's connections, running around with the dogs, moving furniture for dusting, etc - that can be a workout!

In other news, I'm still considering getting a part-time job to help myself out financially. With this new car payment, I've got little to no wiggle room when it comes to my budget. If I get in a situation where a tire blows out (again), or I run short on gas or food, I'm kind of out of luck. And forget about really putting any money back or paying off debt in a timely manner. :( Even just twelve hours a week working at a dollar over minimum wage would be enough to offset the weight of my car payment and give me the ability to stick with my original plans for debt repayment and savings and such. The only problem is... no retail or food service! Which are pretty much my only options, but after spending so many years in those industries, I will never go back. The pay is scant, you get treated like you are less than dirt by your customers and employers, and even though you are straight up with them on what schedule you need, they always ignore your requests and end up making your life miserable and complicated. No thanks to that. I would pay to avoid it!

So I guess there's nothing to do but stick my head out there and see what opportunities pop up - and hopefully my optimism doesn't get the best of me; I know a ton of people who took on a part-time job and having it be more time-consuming and draining on them than it was worth. Nothing to do but see how things go!

Well I think this blog is about long enough, considering how much of it isn't even related to food or exercise or weight loss, haha. I hope everyone is having a great day as the week is winding down!
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