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Push That Tush -- Fighting My Craving Today

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Today ... I keep fighting the urge to run to the store and buy
I don't want to...not even a single serving, but the voices in my head
won't shut up.
My favorite is on sale ... { if it will never be on sale again...}
by the way...that's cottage cheese in the picture...
see what a little presentation can do

So I am writing this to talk myself out of it.
WHY do I keep getting drawn to stuff I shouldn't have?

And for those of you who agree with -BENI- comments below
"just go for the 1/2 cup serving"
I could do my 30 minutes of exercise going back and forth getting
1/2 cup servings from the kitchen....
{...if they had an option for tracking that exercise...}
{...don't get me started...}

I needed inspiration,
I needed to distract myself from foolishness,
I needed a healthy substitute to focus on going forward.

They also have a sale on COTTAGE CHEESE and GREEK YOGURT
{...yes I like that stuff..}
And either of those choices would be fine to keep in the house.
And both of them will leave me guilt free.
And I have never in my life been tempted to binge on them.

{...the more healthy something is....the less the VOICES call to me...} emoticon


Enjoy your day. emoticon

FRENCHIFAL has an amazing blog today which links to a video on
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Lol at Dalid414's comment!! I know exactly what you mean about the bad choices calling out and never having the urge to binge on the healthy stuff. Kinda makes you wonder what they're doing to our food, huh? (Don't get me started on GMO's!)

    Anyway, super proud of you for steering clear of that ice cream. I'm pretty sure it's the devil.
    1885 days ago
    I smile about the exercise to the icecream because I myself have done that. Sometimes it's best to just steer clear. I myself picked up some healthy choices for the next few days. Why is it we always have the bad in the house and never the good? Here it is hubby...I think I can stay away from his side of the pantry but i'm forever drawn to it. lol.
    1885 days ago
    those look so yummy well not the caterpillar
    1885 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1885 days ago
    Looks Yummy! Thanks for this great blog!
    1885 days ago
    The Greek yogurt Parfait looks fantastic. So as fruits sundae with cottage cheese. Yum!!
    I am fighting craving so bad like you. You are not alone!! I feels like eating some of my favorite food once more..before going to our 5% challenge, I thought about it so much but I don't want to get too comfortable to my favorite food and ending up ruin the challenge. So far I am a good girl. I hope? σ(^_^;)
    1885 days ago
    You did wonderfully!
    1885 days ago
    HOpe you made it through the day okay. I totally understand those urges and cravings. I had an urging for a chocolate frosted bismark the other day. First store I stopped at didn't have any baked goods b/c the oven was broken. Phew...lucky escape, as I got my groceries and left. The next one I went to for milk (on sale) had it located right next to the bakery. Never thought about that before, but there is some marketing at work there...anyway, had to look...yep, theres was ONE bismark in the case. I bought it and enjoyed every bite. Like IndyGirl of something is always less than 2, but I was disappointed that I didn't have more control. Ah came and passed and I've been find since! Good luck, as we all are faced with a crazy craving and urging now and then! Hugs, Jeannie
    1885 days ago
    Good point! why is it I don't crave yogurt and cottage cheese? No, I hear the rich calorie laden items calling my name LOUD and CLEAR!!! You're pictures are delightful!
    1885 days ago
    Yeah!!! I don't crave ice cream, especially when we just got 12 inches of snow today and more coming tonight. LOL I do love cottage cheese tho. I love the way you make it look so delicious. Yum Yum.
    1885 days ago
  • SHRINK71
    Great job blogging it out!!! I am with you - I can easily eat several half cup servings. If I ever get ice cream I get it IN the half cup single serve ones they now have in the freezer section of the market. I buy one serving.
    More often I will make myself a protein shake. Chocolate protein powder with frozen strawberries. It mixes up to such a huge serving size that I feel completely satisfied and craving is gone!
    1885 days ago
  • LINDAK25
    Arrrgh! Cravings! Sometimes I just have to get as far away from the kitchen as I can, open a book and will myself into another place.
    1885 days ago
    1885 days ago
    I have Greek yogurt and fresh fruit almost every day. So yummy. I am craving cheesecake. Le sigh. I am going to have half a slice with my mum on Sunday for the Oscars. :P

    That is great that you are blogging about it so you don't eat it. Fantastic!
    1885 days ago
    Hi Sheryl.....
    When I was in college, there was an Ice Cream shop 10 city blocks from my apartment. The only way I would allow myself a dish of their absolutely wonderful Double Fudge Chocolate, was to walk all the way there and matter what the weather. It worked then..........but I was MUCH YOUNGER!!!!!
    Now the only way I can resist is to NOT have it anywhere near me. I do have ice cream once in awhile because if it is totally forbidden........I want it that much more.
    Hang in there.............YOU are NOT alone!!! emoticon
    1885 days ago
    I love ice cream. I buy the healthier stuff and stick to a serving for special occasions, like Ground Hog Day Eve. emoticon
    1886 days ago
    Keeping busier helps keep me from eating. We had the day off because of ice, so I spent the day doing my Zumba dvds. I'm gonna be sore tomorrow, I can tell.
    1886 days ago
    That fruit sundae really looks tempting, until I saw the parfaits. (Mouth watering sounds.)
    Resist the temptations. just say no. emoticon With a great big X though it. emoticon
    1886 days ago
    Oooooh, these cravings... So nasty at times. I do not care much for ice cream, but give me CHOCOLATE.... Mmmm, better think of something else right now!
    1886 days ago
    Stay strong! When the 8 weeks are over, we can have an ice cream splurge (notice that splurge is NOT a binge!!! LOL... Just a nice kind of biggish serving. Right before we climb Mt. Everest to work it off.
    1886 days ago
    You're doing great, I'm having such a terrible week with my cravings it's good to see that someone is winning the battle. All the best. emoticon
    1886 days ago
    Ooh those fruit desserts look SO good! Although I also have ginormous ice cream craving sometimes, even with fruity things like that around.
    1886 days ago
    1886 days ago
    That parfait looks amazing!!!
    Go for it!
    1886 days ago
  • -BENI-
    I'm not much help, I would compromise and buy something like a lo fat frozen yogurt. That's what I get. Vanilla. I have the 1/2 cup and eat it slowly enjoying every bite. I even put the fruit on like your picture if I have it and haven't had my fruit. Otherwise I just have it plain. I find if I go without something I crave then I resent it and sabotage myself later on.

    Something you can do is buy the lite greek yogurt and put it in the freezer, I also enjoy that, let it set out for a bit because it gets very hard then enjoy it like an ice cream. A Bonus... you can have the different flavors.

    Whatever you do, good luck!
    1886 days ago
  • DALID414
    You really should have put up a food porn warning. I nearly sucked put all the air in the room when I saw the first picture!
    1886 days ago
  • EDWARDS1411
    Luv the caterpillar!!!
    1886 days ago
  • AUNTB63
    As much as I like ice cream that cottage cheese/fruit sundae looks great.....I don't know if I could substitute it and get rid of cravings,, but I certainly would try.
    Have a good day and hopefully the ice cream will just melt away from your mind.
    1886 days ago
    Hope this helped squash that ugly craving voice!

    Oh my . . . the alternatives you showed look awesome!

    Used to love ice cream, but it just doesn't like me, so IF DH or DD want it, I will agree to buy a single portion size that is consumed THAT DAY so it's not hanging around. It has to be kept in the freezer (obviously, right!) and I go in there all the time, so it's "in my face". THAT doesn't work for me.

    Good luck, sweetie.

    HUGS adn stay ice cream free!
    1886 days ago
  • QUAIL75
    Great blog!
    1886 days ago
    Love your "Not Butterfly"!! Good for you for resisting temptation. I was drawn to your blog by the picture of the fruit salad..... it looked delicious and I was hoping to read all about the good stuff that you put in there!! but its a great photo and I think I will made one of those "sundaes" for myself!! emoticon
    1886 days ago
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