Mentally smacking myself

Thursday, February 21, 2013

One of my problems lately is thinking about cheat food. Cookies, ice cream, burgers... I can have a cheat day right? Oh I can go get Coldstone right? Nope. Stop it. I've been so bad about allowing a treat... which turns into another treat... and another treat.

After I weighed in at 188 last week, I gave myself a mental smack upside the head and audibly went "no duh" about the weight gain. Luckily it was mostly TOM weight gain and water retention from salt. I was back at 184 yesterday after getting all of that crap out of my system.

I'm trying to eat less carbs. Not low-carb yet, 'cause holy crap there are carbs everywhere! So far I've been doing good... I just need to avoid trigger foods while there are men at my house this weekend.

Today is a snow day, heck its a THUNDER SNOW day! So far I've gotten 2" in less than 2 hours and its supposed to snow for another six hours... so... that's gonna suck! My car's outside too since most of my big furniture is in the garage. I just hope this doesn't ruin the carpet install for Saturday. As I said above the "men" coming are my dad and my boyfriend. They still need to rip out the bad carpet and move all the furniture. I haven't been able to help as much as I want to.

For obvious reasons I'm not ripping out carpet, but even being on all fours is practically out of the question. Something about that angle pulls on my underarm skin in a way that just does not feel good. So with everyone in my family yelling at me to not doing anything so I don't hurt my arm, I feel a bit like a bum.

I also realized I own way too much stuff. I'm going to be downsizing from a 3-bedroom house into a bedroom in my parents house. Yikes! I own tooooooooo many pieces of furniture and stuff for this move. I almost can't imagine moving back in with my parents at 28, which I will be in May, but sometimes you just gotta do it to save money. Plus if TJ doesn't want to get an apartment with me ('cause his mommy doesn't approve), I don't want to have all of those bills on my own!

My dad is also retiring in May, but not taking social security until after his birthday in October -- so if I move in with them, I can help them out with the bills. Now this all hinges on me actually getting a job. I really should get off Spark and work on my two job applications. Right now I'm tailoring my CV (curriculum vitae) into a science resume targeted at both of the jobs. I really need to get on the job hunt more... Its starting to freak me out!

My plans for this snow day are to A) submit one job application, B) do a ton of laundry, C) clean the bathrooms, D clean the kitchen, and E) work on the bare bones of the two papers I want to have drafted for my committee meeting in 19 days!

I can do it!
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    Good luck with moving back. I almost lost my mind, and am still loosing it day by day a little. emoticon Not that I want to freak you out! But something just goes off after living on your own during college. And I had to move back also because I had to find a job to pay off my student loan. So, I'm most likely stuck here for next 5 years, and it freaks me out when I think of it! emoticon
    Hope it goes well for you!
    And good luck with your daily plans! emoticon
    1889 days ago
    Downsizing is SO hard. When I moved from my apartment back in with my parents (also to save money years ago) I had to rent a storage space!!

    Good luck with your job search and beating the treats!!
    1889 days ago
  • EMMYLOU010409
    I'm in the same treat boat with you! My "trick" is this--

    I love peanut butter and I eat way too much of it. Also, for some unknown reason, I bought two cartons of ice cream this week. For two days I stuck my spoon in the cartons for just a little bite... and then another... and then another... and yep, just kept going. (I do the same with PB.)

    To break myself of this, I measure my PB out and have it on a rice cake, bread, English muffin, etc. When I feel the urge for it later, I remind myself that I've already had it. With ice cream, I get my cartons out, and have a half-spoon bite of each, then immediately put the cartons back, under 6 bags of vegetables, in the back of my freezer, so they aren't easy access, smack dab right there in the middle, front and center every time I open the freezer door.

    It's not fool-proof, but it helps. Anything to cut down on the mindless snacking!
    1889 days ago
    I feel you. I thought it would be a hot idea to bake cookies on my day off Monday. Haha, nooope. Bleh.

    At least I am doing okay eating them in moderation. They've all gotten trackd and I've eaten a reasonable 1-2 instead of an insane (and wanted) 5-6... hah. I gotta be proud of what little accomplishments I have...

    Good luck with the job applications! And keep being a bum. Your family is right, you've been through enough with the arm without hurting it again. emoticon
    1889 days ago
    I live about 2 1/2 hrs southeast of StL and I'm reading about this snow you're having thinking about how it's supposed to be heading my way. UGH! I hope it doesn't mess with your carpet plans, but at least it's a good opportunity to hole up in the house and get a ton of stuff done!

    "Mommy doesn't approve" PRICELESS!
    1889 days ago
    His mommy doesn't approve? Parents can be really stupid sometimes. Telling your adult child that they can't live with another adult is dumb. It just drives your kids away from you. /rant over

    Nothing wrong with downsizing, I have too much stuff, too!
    1889 days ago
    I have a hard time to with eating "treats" I have to just block it out and tell myself no. I will end up eating more than I should, so I try not to start at all. Glad the extra weight was just water weight.

    Wow, that is a lot of snow!! I hope you are still able to get your new carpet laid down. How are your arms doing? Have you gotten the second opinion yet?

    I moved back home a few years ago. I was 28 also. It has helped me get money saved up and replace my car that needed replacing. I am hoping to be able to move back in the next year or so.

    Good luck on your job search!!

    Hope you have a great day!!
    1889 days ago
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