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Day 52--Follow up

Thursday, February 21, 2013

So, attempted my first 24 hour fast yesterday.

I didn't technically do a 'full' fast. Had my coffee with creamer in the morning, and another cup at lunch. So that's a couple hundred cals. Plus around 4ish I couldn't take it anymore and ate a piece of cheese. Finally ate supper at 8:30, so in total a 22.5 hour 'fast'.

I'm not sure that it's for me. I will try another one again next week on my off day, mainly to gather more info, but...what I was told and the reality were a little different. Instead of being 'free' from thinking about food all day, all I did was think about food all day. Lol. It was kind of freeing at breakfast and lunch when I automatically went to make them, and realized that I didn't have to. Beyond that...yeah I kept thinking about it, and stressing about it just a little. The first part of the day was pretty easy--when it hit about 2PM is when I started having obsessive thought issues. I think, if I continue to incorporate intermittent fasting into my routine, it will be more along the lines of a 16-18 hour fast--8PM untl noon the next day comes fairly easy to me, as it seems to coordinate nicely with my natural eating pattern.

I do like that Mr. Pilon stresses that you are DISPLACING your calories for the day, not starving yourself. So if I'm eating 1800/day normally, I'd have about 2100/day for the remainder of the week. I think that's important; it's too easy for disordered eaters to get carried away with it though. Not eat for 24 hours, then eat 1200 cals the rest of the week, etc. Kind of risky. Not something I think I'd go around recommending people to try, just for that fact.

Other interesting observations: The amount of TIME I spend eating, thinking about eating, and planning what I eat is....significant. WHAT I use the eating for is...significant as well. It's very, very eye opening, when you take something away in that manner to see what aspects of your life are affected. I use my lunch break at work as more of an excuse to stop working, since I get bored and antsy after a couple of hours--not necessarily because I'm actually hungry at that point. I also use eating as 'something to do' in between jobs, to pass the time in a fuzzy state of mind. I also got very antsy after work, thinking about the 'hit' that I wasn't getting like I normally do, that rush of feel-good ehitndorphins. Again, not so much about true hunger as it is about that NEED to get that feel good buzz.

It bothers me somewhat. I don't want to use food as a....drug. But the idea of giving that up causes some anxiety. How else am I going to get to that feel good zone-out place, if I give up my drug? But isn't that the point? If my 'high' is taking me away from real life to such an that really the thing I should be striving for? And how do I separate 'zone-out' from satiating my true hunger?

work calls....
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  • LE7_1234
    Did you see what Emily and Corrie posted on FB the other day?

    I find that if I ask myself "am I hungry or do I just want to eat?" I usually get the right answer... Try it. Practice a bit. Even just the act of asking yourself before you eat will help you start answering the question in your back brain...

    Oh, and I totally could not get into the idea of fasting. There are a lot of fast days in the Jewish calendar, but there's only one I always follow. And I have the same experience about doing nothing but thinking about food, even when I'm not yet hungry. (The word for "before You" sounds a lot like the word "cucumber" when you're hungry! And it turns out it's in a LOT of prayers on Yom Kippur! LOL!)
    1921 days ago
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