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Day 448- My Personal Biggest Loser Challenge

Thursday, February 21, 2013

I love watching the Biggest Loser and seeing people change their lives. But when I was watching this past Monday night, I began to question how hard I work.

I realize the people on Biggest Loser are able to workout 4-5 hours a day and have specific food made available to them, so it's not the same situation I'm in. Hence, they lose 9 pounds in a week while I struggle to lose 2. But anyways, Jillian went off on two of the players because they couldn't run at 6mph on an incline of 2.0 for 5 minutes straight. They gave up after a minute.

I thought to myself, I don't know if I can even do that. It was a bit of a blow to my confidence because I've been on this journey now for over a year, and these people have been on a show for two months and are already in better shape than me?

So when I went to the gym yesterday, I did my usual run on the indoor track and biked a couple miles on the stationary bike. I was about to leave, but then I thought to myself... I know you hate treadmills, but why not just try to do it. You probably won't make it, but might as well try.

I got on the treadmill and set the incline to 2.0 and let the treadmill get up to 6mph and stepped on.

And I ran. And I Ran. And I RAN. And I kept running...for five minutes! I did it! I did something that I assumed was impossible for myself! It felt so great. I could have kept going but was scared to overdo it, so I stopped and cooled down and left the gym.

I only ran half a mile on the treadmill but it felt like so much more because I hadn't expected to be able to do it. I still need to work on my distance for my half marathon rather than my speed but this was my small victory of the day.

Hope you all are having a good Thursday.
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