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February 21st's Photo Blog...

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Good morning everyone! Hope you all are doing good and staying safe! Some crazy weather going on everywhere in the US. We are looking to get 8-12 (most likely more) snow this Sunday. Time to get my shovel ready!!! hee hee

Today's word is "Performance"...
The e-mail I got with this word was a daughter who was in a school play. My cubs are more into sports, but I could see my youngest cub working his cuteness on stage driving all the girls crazy... hee hee. My youngest cub wanted to sing in last years school play, but didn't try out. As they practiced, he realized how much he would of loved doing it! He said this year he's try out. They ended up switching what play they were doing to "HS Musical". He said NO WAY! I was kind of sad. I know it wasn't "his" type of movie, but he should of tried out because he would of been SO good! He's one of those children who can do almost anything and do it well.

Not to pick on my oldest cub, but he will sing a song... and he's okay... but my youngest will hit every note almost perfectly. My oldest is much better at other things, so don't take me wrong that I'm saying one child is better then the other. I'M NOT SAYING THAT!!!

Okay, back to my youngest. He can be such a ham at times. Reminds me very much of myself at that age! Reason why acting in a play would be perfect for him! He LOVES the attention on him, loves to goof around, make people laugh, etc. Again, I see a mini boy version of me when I look at him (though he's a better singer... hee hee).

Have you ever heard of the song "Anything Like Me" by Brad Paisley?!? I love that song! I feel it fits my youngest cub and I perfectly (except I'm the Mommy, not the Daddy... but you know what I mean). Here is the song. I couldn't find the official video, but this one shows family photos of Brad Paisley with the song & lyrics.

Okay time for the photos. I picked these pictures. One day we went blueberry picking with my youngest cub. My oldest cub was at the Steubenville East Catholic Conference for teens that weekend. My youngest cub was at the top of his game / cuteness! He was just acting crazy and having a great time. I just kept video taping him and taking pictures! Between laughing my head off... hee hee.

In this picture he was inspecting the blueberry before picking it. He was saying all kind of crazy talk about how perfect the berry was. It was so cute!!!

This picture he was showing me the perfect berry right before he ate it! He was counting every berry he ate and explaining how wonderful each one tasted! Again, just acting totally crazy... it was a hoot!

Not much funny about this one. I was just watching him as he went through the bushes. He turned to wave at me, so I quickly shot the picture. It actually made our Christmas card last year... hee hee.

It's a day I'll always remember. I love that I have so many photos because I can look back at these days and just smile / laugh at the memories.

As for my crazy cub, I hope he does decide to get into doing the school plays. He'd be so good at them. He's not afraid of being in front of people, so that's great! As a child I loved to act crazy to make people laugh, but to get on stage and do it... nope, not for me. I'm glad both of my cubs aren't afraid of that.

So keep smiling everyone and have a crazy good day!

Thank-you to everyone who stops by my blogs and comments on them... love to read what you all say!

God bless...
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