Book lesson

Thursday, February 21, 2013

I am reading a book (for the second time) about inner reflection and understanding how to take responsibility for actions and thoughts.

Lessons learned from today and how it relates to MY life:

If I try this this weight loss attempt again, doing it the same way, I will get the same results. Here are things I am doing differently:

Being kind to ME

Seeking happiness as the way

Tracking food and exercise (a big pain, but works!)

Weighing food PRECISELY with a scale and recording said food without any exceptions

Reflecting on my day's experience at night alone and beginning my day with affirmations and visions and loving myself

Thanking my family for helping me and supporting me

Allowing myself slip ups and errors because I am human

Last but certainly not least, appreciating this wonderful Spark community of supportive and loving people who have befriended me and fedback to me with only one sincere and main goal - to be a friend either because they have been there or because they understand and simply want to help a fellow human being.

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