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Some notes of what I shared at tonight's Women's Healthy Living class

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

These are the notes I shared at my women's healthy living class for anyone interested. It is all from Dr. Don Colbert's book "The Seven Pillars of Health" and correlated with what we read from Joyce Meyer's book "Look Great, Feel Great."

Water is the single most important nutrient for our bodies.
You can live 5-7 weeks without food, but not more than 5 days without water

Body is 70% water
Muscles are 75% water
Brain cells- 85% water
Blood- 82% water
Bones- 25% water

Drinking more water will help you lose weight! When you are dehydrated, your body secretes aldosterone (which causes water retention). When you drink more water, your body releases the water it held onto for "survival mode". You will feel like you are running to the bathroom constantly when you first start drinking more, but that is the body releasing excess water and toxins.

Dehydration causes your body's fat deposits to increase. It also affects metabolism by dropping your body's temperature, which causes your body to store fat as a way to help raise or maintain the temperature.

Water can help revive your memory.

To find out how many ounces of water to drink each day, divide your weight by 2 and that will be the approximate ounces.

1. Sleep regulates release of important hormones. (Growth hormones; regulate muscle growth and helps control fat, also for growth in kids). Leptin is secreted during sleep (directly influences appetite and weight control, tells the body when it is full).
2. Slows the aging process.
3. Boosts the immune system.
4. Improves brain function.
5. Reduces cortisol levels (which can cause you to be more irritable and prone to depression, anxiety, and insomnia).

When you don't sleep:
1. You increase your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
2. You become clumsy and "sleep drunk". People who go for up to 19 hours without sleep score significantly worse on performance and alertness tests than people with a blood alcohol level of 0.08 (which is legally drunk).
3. You jeopardize your job.
4. You endanger the lives of others (car accidents).
5. Decreased sex drive
6. Can cause diseases
7. Jeopardize your marriage

Caffeine can remain in the body for up to 20 hours

Inadequate sleep may shorten your life span by 8-10 years

1. Prevents cancer
2. Prevents heart attacks and heart disease
3. Improves lymphatic disease
4. Lowers stress
5. Promotes weight loss and decreases appetite
6. Helps prevent diabetes and helps control blood sugar in diabetics
7. Increases perspiration (sweating gets rid of wastes/toxins)
8. Slows the aging process
9. Builds strong bones
10. Improves digestion
11. Gives you more restful sleep
12. Prevents colds/flu
13. Reduces depression
14. Improves memory retention and reaction time
15. Slows Alzheimer's disease and may prevent Parkinson's disease
16. May increase lung capacity
17. Alleviates pain (releases endorphins)
18. Increases energy

Finding your target heart zone (training zone):
Take 220 minus your age (ex: 220-40= 180
Multiply that # by 0.6 to get low target (ex: 180 x 0.6= 108 low target)
Multiply that # by 0.9 to get high target (ex: 180 x 0.9= 162 high target)

Prevents osteoporosis!
From age 30 and on, everyone needs to exercise with weights to keep their muscles and bones strong!

Increases muscle mass
Elevates metabolism (burns fat)
Improves posture
Provided better support for joints
Reduces risk of injury from everyday actives
Reduces loss of muscle tissue that normally accompanies aging
Helps prevent osteoporosis
Increases levels of dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine= increases mood and decreases depression

How to succeed at exercising:
Build it into your schedule
Chose exercise you enjoy
Have an exercise partner
Choose a location you enjoy
Change it up

Your body was designed to move!
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    Thank you for the information! Thanks for sharing.
    1888 days ago
    Hi Siobhan~
    Yes, we talk about diet weekly (it's an 8 week class) and we use Joyce Meyer's book "Look Great, Feel Great" (LOVE that book!) These topics that I shared on my blog were ones that Joyce talked about in her book, I just did a little further research from another book to share emoticon
    1888 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/22/2013 11:50:30 PM
    Interesting....There was nothing about diet...Did you cover that topic? I would look into Sally Fallon's Nourishing Traditions. There is so much about health and diet that debunks the Standard American "Healthy" Diet. (as I would but it). emoticon
    1888 days ago
    I like him, and this is good info to consider. emoticon
    1889 days ago
    This is super! Thanks for sharing all this info. emoticon emoticon
    1889 days ago
    Thank you. Great information. emoticon emoticon
    1889 days ago
    So interesting! Thank you for posting.
    1890 days ago
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