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Doctor Visit - UGH

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Yeah today was that time again. I LOVE seeing my doctor! It just makes my day. emoticon

Found out I have a sinus infection that I didn't know I had. Thought I was just congested. Prescribed antibiotics. Found out I have fluid behind my eardrums. No wonder I haven't been hearing well the last few weeks. Thought I was just tuning out the husband. However I guess this calls for a trip to the ENT. Have I said how much it thrills me to see a doctor. ANY DOCTOR!

Everything else was okay except my BP which was an exciting 180/100. And yes, this is with meds. The doc and I already know what the cause is... STRESS & ANXIETY not to mention EXTREME White Coat Syndrome. I see any doc and my numbers, if they are not already over the top, sky rocket, and I do me to the moon and back! As for the stress and anxiety, my doctor adds that after years of living highly stressed one's body becomes accomplish to it and eventually the BP begins to react. As it keeps adjusting to more and more stress, the anxiety and therefore the BP keep going up, and up, and up. My doc's advice: Rid myself of the STRESS. Yeah, right! Like that will happen anytime soon. 2 years ago I was sent hurdling to the ER with a BP of 218/160. After a barrage of tests it all came down to the S & A words. I was told to go home and decompress. Learn to drop the rope and RELAX! Obviously from today's numbers I haven't yet learned to do that. So here I sit wondering, do I lock myself up in a box nice and tight, or just the husband and daughter? emoticon

It was suggested back in 2010 that I try an anti depressant but silly me, I researched them on the net and scared the daylights out of myself. Not sure why the doc doesn't suggest an anti anxiety medication but he doesn't. He has suggested however seeing a counselor which DH has denied, stating repeatedly we can't afford it. My doc than said I might try some wine but when he found out I have dependency issues running rampant in my family, that recommendation was quickly retracted. Now I am just told to relax, don't worry and be happy, like I can snap my fingers and do just that. Oh how I wish!

Seriously though I need to find some way to chill out, calm down, let go, relax, find my inner zen, and learn to bring my numbers down or I am going to literally explode one day, most likely right there in the docs office.

My next appt is scheduled for late April when I get to have even more fun with a lab tech and a needle with a passion for poking my arms and hands multiple times trying to find a vein that just isn't there. Anyone want to guess what my BP will be then? emoticon
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    Exercise (walking) is my best antidote to stress. When I was working, whenever we had a really stressful case we were handling, I'd take a loop around the bottom floor of our building, which was a quarter mile. If I still hadn't settled down, I'd do another loop.
    I also now take a very low dose anti-depressant. The biggest help has been that I get a very restful sleep now; so I wake up refreshed and better armed to deal with what stress comes my way during the day. I have always been a very optimistic person, but fell into a funk last year after a medical scare and then death of a loved one; so my endocrinologist prescribed the med, as my mood was affecting how I was managing my diabetes. Maybe discuss a light med next time you see your doc.

    Tell your H to loosen up the purse strings. If he is willing to cough up $150 a month for the daughter, he should be willing to fund your health. You may be able to get the help you need in a very short period, less than 6 weeks. So, it will not be a huge cost.
    Good luck!
    1881 days ago
    Double oops...
    1881 days ago

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    Hope they put you on medication and it brings it down. Sorry to hear of your problems . Best wishes . Paulette
    1885 days ago
    Have you tried yoga and meditation? I have found that helps me with my stress level. I have a very stressful job but I have learned to kick back and not allow it to stress me by meditationg throughout the day. It really helps with the BP too. Taking deep breaths and recentering yourself also helps.

    1885 days ago
    I do know about that and bp rising. I went yesterday and mine was up but knowing what I was facing, I told the nurse I knew it was up. lol Now when I have to have blood work, the techs told me to drink at least 1+ bottles/glasses of water even if I have to fast. I dehydrate and they really have problems finding my veins. The last time I had blood work, the tech only had to stick me 1 time. Yahoo for her!!! lol

    Sallie, I find that keeping myself busy helps lower my pb--but it has to be doing something that requires my total attention--I can't think about 2 things at once or it doesn't work. Praying for you friend. ((HUGS))
    1885 days ago
    I read somewhere that whenever you feel stressful or anxious you should sit down and take several deep breaths. This is supposed to lower your blood pressure.
    1885 days ago
    Sorry 'bout your day...I hate the doctor too.
    Take a soothing bath, light a scented candle...hope it goes better tomorrow.
    1885 days ago
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