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Step by step....by step

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I've been listening to the "Twisted Into Form" album by the band Forbidden today. They're an 80s thrash band that I wasn't familiar with until a couple of years ago. The first time I saw them play live (late 2010), I went because I won free tickets and had a friend who really loved the band (it just happened to be that guy's birthday, too!). Only knew a couple of songs I'd scoped out on youtube, but afterwards, I recall really liking the song "Step by Step." Didn't catch much of the lyrics that night, but by the time I caught them again, nearly a year later, I was gleefully screaming along with the chorus:

Don't you feel as if your walls fall in?
The way you live could put you underground
Step by step, by step
Surviving hanging by a thread
Step by step, by step
It's time to turn the table
Step by step, by step
Society's not done with you
Step by step, by step
It just gets worse until you - pull through!


There's been a couple of events this week that may make the sentiments expressed in the song relevant to me, but really, it's already relevant to us all, isn't it? I've always taken the song to be about alcohol or drug abuse, but it's applicable to food, too, what with eating ourselves into shapes we hated, shapes that have the potential to "put (us) underground"?

The last chorus of the song adds a couple of lines, after the "society's not done with you" bit. Useful context, an acknowledgement that the damage can't be magically undone, that it requires a plan, and a focus on what, and more specifically, WHO matters.

Step by step, by step
It just don't stop
Step by step, by step
Don't try to run before you walk
Step by step, by step
Do it for yourself kid!
Step by step, by step
It's just the way you have to learn
Step by step, by step

The rest of the lyrics can be found at the youtube page linked above. They're pretty bleak, painting a picture of last resort desperation, before offering the hope found in the chorus.


For the record, the scale, which I certainly don't trust, read 173.8 lbs this morning, a loss of 2 pounds since last Wednesday. As I said yesterday, I'm not celebrating the unexpectedly large movement, as I'd be forced to cry about it when the scale went the other way next week (or even tomorrow). Better to keep a blase attitude about it. Don't count chickens until they fly south for the winter or something like that. Step by step...by step.
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