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The Sabotage Queen is No MORE!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I just took a gander at my awards and it made me grin.

Months of getting the 1000 spark points award.
Months of getting the 1000 exercise points award.

In fact, except for March when I was away on holidays (and hiking by the way)I have been consistent for points for over a year.

Me! Consistent?

Must be my personality? No! In fact when I joined SP I was one of the most inconsistent people I knew for exercise and good eating. I was in fact, the Sabotage Queen! I would start a diet and start doing a different one and then quit. I would join a class or a gym and quit. I would vow to give up sugar or ride my bike every day or.... nope. In fact the days of success got shorter and shorter and year after year my weight crept up. It was to the point that the word "diet" triggered a binge.

What did Spark People ask me to do? Well first, they suggested that I choose a streak and it was not to deprive myself... it was to add in vegetables. Three a day. And when I logged my food it was not to make my meals perfect, it was just to see if there were patterns in how I was eating. And for exercise... ten minutes a day. Really? Must be easy, right? But it wasn't. Because even within those simple parameters I was trying for perfection. Vegetables meant a healthy salad and ten minutes of exercise had to be really working out.

It was looking at coach Nicole's online video ten minute workout that made my eyes pop and the brain reset itself. Did she KNOW that her warmup and cooldown were included in those ten minutes? In fact I think she really only worked out for 7 minutes! And there is no way she broke a sweat.... it was EASY.

And it was at that moment, that Grinch type moment when his heart grew, that my little exercise brain realized "I can do that".

There were other problems I had. Like trying to do 21 days in a row. For some reason I could not get past a week. What was WRONG with me? LOL, it was that perfectionist person. As soon as I missed a day I had to start at one again. So one day I saw someone post that they were doing a countdown. Starting at 100 they were going to do 100 days of... I can't remember what. I had a couple of good spark friends by then and I posed the possibility of doing a 100 day countdown. We agreed that no matter what, we would finish the 100 days. Even when we missed a day the countdown would continue and we would have to get back into it. I decided my goals would be drink water, exercise ten minutes, try and eat my three veggies... and.... blog about it. BLOG???? Well, it made sense because I'd have to keep track of what day it was, right? 100, 99, 98, 98....I think that blogging must be magical because somehow even when I didn't drink all my water or eat all my veggies or exercise, I managed to log in and count down from 100. At at the end, at day 1 I was able to go back over those 100 days and surprise myself with how often I HAD eaten well or exercised or had all my water.

That was five years ago. Since then I have set many goals but that 100 days taught me that I could be consistent and those simple streaks were the foundation of some pretty gosh darn good habits I have now. Blogging has stayed my BEST tool. And the streaks... I would recommend to everyone!

So I can't say that I never Sabotage my efforts. I can't say that I don't have slips. I am a work in progress and still learning at 52 years old... but I have learned to be consitant. The Sabotage Queen is no more!
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