Quickie BLC Update

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Okie dok, so today is the beginning of Week 6 in this Biggest Loser Challenge I'm a part of. On day one I weighed 280.6 and this morning I weighed in at 273.2. Hurray! That is a total loss of 7.4 pounds. I'm averaging a weight loss of about 1.48lbs/week, that's not too shabby. I've also lost a total of 4.5'' too! Hurray for NSV!

In other news, grad school is kicking my butt but I feel like this week I'll be kicking its butt, so all is well. Learning how to balance everything has been the tricky part, but I feel like it's finally all coming together. I'm planning on making this week AWESOME. Hope you all are too!! =D
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