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Zumba 10 Day Accelerated Fat Loss program - Day 2 and 3

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Let me tell you about day 2. It sucked. It worse than sucked but I don't even know the word to describe it. It was a cluster &^%$ of me trying to do the moves and it going just too fast for me to figure it out. But I didn't stop moving for the entire hour even if everything I did was wrong. It moves fast and I had only done this dvd one time before now. BIG mistake. The next time I do this 10 day challenge (which will end 2 days before my birthday on the 28th of march) I will make sure in that time off to give this dvd a lot more chances so i can figure it out and not feel so stupid trying to do it the second time around. The music is great and it makes me want to dance but I have 2 left feet and the amount of time I swore would make my mom cry. It needs to get better.

emoticon Food was good. Tried a new sparkpeople recipe for honey chicken stir fry and I ate every last bite even though I was full. I still need to remember to add more veggies and fruit in throughout the day and I took your advice Christina and steamed veggies to mix in the stir fry last night. They were delicious but I need to incorporate more of them into my food plan for the rest of the day. It shouldn't be hard. I'm having a hard time getting to the bottom of my range and an extra banana or some carrot sticks and dip would definitely help. My other problem is still not getting enough protein. I make it to my bottom range and about 20 into it but I have soooo much of my range left that i feel like I should do better. On the plus side I barely made it into the bottom range of my fat intake again so I know I'm pretty on track with that.

emoticon Today was a good day. It was Zumba toning and so much fun. I love the feel of burning muscles and the ache afterwards from knowing they got used really good.
My breakfast was special k cereal and lunch a toasted whole wheat bagel with egg beaters and chicken bacon and a glass of orange juice. Tonight will be turkey burgers and a salad.

I could use some advice though. I'm the biggest phony for telling other people not to weigh every day and then doing it myself but I find for the most part it helps keep me in check. But here's my problem. My weight - even though I think I'm doing everything right- is going up. I've gained like almost 3 lbs since TOM started and thought it was his fault but it ended yesterday and my weight jumped up another half pound this morning. I don't understand this gain. I'm not drinking any more water than normal. I'm not over eating at all. With TOM gone I was pretty sure my weight would drop back down but it's fluctuated instead and it bugs me. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. And yes I know I shouldn't weigh every day and take it to heart but if I'm screwing up somehow I'd like to know so I can correct it.

Any advice?
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    I hear you on the two left feet thing LOL.. I used to bellydance, and I rocked the muscle control & weird movements, but any simple foot patterns were always a struggle. My feet don't like to listen to me!!!

    It sounds like you really enjoy the Zumba. I'm sure once you get the hang of it, it'll become a cinch! Don't give up! :)

    You mentioned having trouble finding ways to get more protein into your day. I found to be extremely helpful. It's a blog about a married couple who lost a ton of weight together, in part by including a protein in most of what they ate during the day. They have some great snack ideas, like tuna on a whole wheat cracker.

    Beans & quinoa also have a ton of protein and are easy to throw into just about anything (not to mention fat free). Quinoa is a complete protein, meaning it has all essential amino acids which your body can't make on its own, also making it pretty awesome (especially for a vegetarian like me). I also like to snack on string cheese made with 2% milk (around 5g protein per serving). Whole grains also have a ton of protein. One whole grain Orrowheat english muffin has like 6g protein, and topped with a tablespoon of almond butter makes it to like 11g protein. (Almond butter has less fat than peanut butter).

    Oh and a good way to incorporate veggies and fruit (and be lazy about it LOL) is to just get a salad mix from the grocery store that's mixed with veggies like radishes, radicchio, pea pods, carrots.... [then you can always have a side of whole grain toast with almond butter (as an example) for protein!! or throw chicken on top of the salad, etc!]

    okay I got a little carried away with this reply. LOL. Hope I gave you some ideas!
    2252 days ago
    As far as weighing and seeing a rise--it can happen and it may mean nothing...or it could be salt. Are you adding salt to foods? You could try cutting down on that. Otherwise, it sounds like you're doing awesome! I know the feeling of not being able to follow the Zumba moves. Don't worry--it will get better. Keep doing that. It gets easier. Food-wise sounds really good. I added protein shakes as snacks during the day to increase my protein intake and it really helped with weightloss. I did that last summer and it helped me lose 10lb. along with all the workouts, healthy eating I think the protein is really important.

    Keep up the great work! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2253 days ago
    Here's my take on the scale thing: I love weighing in daily. I recognize that it's not for everyone, but I also don't think it's automatically wrong. What you need to look at is your emotional response to it: Can you handle the fact that some days the scale will go up, and that it's a natural fluctuation? If seeing a higher number is upsetting enough that it could throw you off track, then I'd say to work on getting yourself down to a weekly weigh-in. If you think you can look at the numbers objectively, than weighing daily can give you some great information. You just have to make a promise to yourself that you'll treat it as data, not a measure of success or failure.

    I find that it helps to research the reasons why my weight might be up beyond fat gain. If it's genuine fat gain, it's bad, but that doesn't happen overnight. The 'gains' that do happen overnight are usually from perfectly natural body functions, and they're just as likely to fluctuate down in a couple days. Fat loss is slower and more subtle, but it gets lost in the noise of everything else your body is doing. The only way to see it is over time, whether you monitor your weight daily or not (think of a line graph that's up and down all over the place when you view it up close, but turns into a thick downward line when you zoom out).

    With that out of the way, you've recently started some much heavier activity so it's completely normal for the body to hold onto a couple extra pounds of water weight in the cells themselves (so it's not a matter of how much you've been drinking, it's how much your body is storing). Here's a great summary from the FAQ:


    When I started at the gym, I 'gained' six pounds and it took me two weeks to get back down to my starting weight. Luckily, I was stubborn and focused on finishing a fitness program, so I pushed through it. Even at a maintenance weight, I spiked up for a week or so when I started my marathon training last month, and that had nothing to do with food.

    When all else fails, I just remember that it takes 3500 extra calories to gain a pound of fat. You know you haven't eaten 12250 calories above your maintenance level, so it's absolutely NOT fat gain you're seeing.
    2254 days ago
    tell someone in your house to hide your scale and to put it out only the days you request that should help
    2254 days ago
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