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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Okay - Today I visited the gym I'm semi-interested in joining. I'll call it Gym 1. I got a tour - there are two pools and a Jacuzzi, plenty of cardio machines, weight machines (which have FitLinxx, which is basically a computerized "trainer" that keeps track of your progress every time you use it), a decent-sized area for free weights, a sauna and classes (most of them you have to pay extra - $3 or $7 per class). For the gym membership, there's a $130 initiation fee, then it's $50 a month. I'd get 2 sessions with a personal trainer, which is included in the I-fee. I don't have to sign a contract, so I can cancel at any time. It's the busiest gym in the area, but the staff member said the crowd dies down at about 6:30pm, which is about what time I'd be going. Another plus: on my way home from work. It's pricey - it would come out to $730 a year. This gym is part of the hospital network, and my mom works for the hospital, so if she joined, I'd get a discounted rate. But that's the problem: she has to join.

Gym 2: It's primarily a gym for serious weight lifting. Freshman year of high school I would go here a few times a week with a friend to use some weight machines, and I just remember an enormous amount of big, scary body builders. It's $40 a month or $380 a year. A session with a personal trainer is $50 (at least it was 8 years ago, not included in your membership. No pool. Right downtown so parking is a bitch.

There's the YMCA - $464 a year or $50 month-to-month. No I-fee. Classes included. Sessions with a personal trainer start at $60 for a two-hour session. If I can remember, the facilities at the YMCA are not too impressive. The whole building is old. The cardio room is small but the weight room isn't bad. And there are a lot of classes to choose from.

It's between gym 1 and the YMCA. Which one would you pick?

Edit: Just so y'all know, I live in a small town, and these ARE my only options for gyms. We're the biggest town within a 45 mile radius, so I don't have much to choose from :)
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    I'd go with gym #1. It doesn't seem like gym #2 is a good fit, and you don't seem excited about the Y.

    Plus it's on your way home, so it'll be easier to make it part of your regular routine. Sometimes it's worth it to pay a little more, if it will actually work for you.

    If your mom also joins, the discounted rate would make it more affordable. Also, look into whether your health insurance offers a rebate on gym memberships... they often kick in $150-200/year.

    Good luck!
    2456 days ago
    I'd look for more options. My gym membership is $30 a month with no initiation fee. It's a pretty popular well known gym. Shop around. Remember: they want your business so you can talk them down.
    2457 days ago
    If my budget weren't an issue, I'd do gym #1, but if budgeting is an issue then YMCA until you can afford gym #1
    2457 days ago
    I'd look for more options! emoticon
    2457 days ago
    Definitely depends on what you plan on using it for. I'd do number #1. That one you seemed to be most liking, while the Y seems nice, its hard to go to a place you don't like.
    2457 days ago
    Here's my question: what do you plan to do at the gym?

    I'm a classes-girl. They motivate and push me. I don't use the machines, the sauna, pool, etc.

    If you are like me, the YMCA would be my choice. But if you are an independent exerciser, don't care about classes, then Gym #1 would be the way to go!

    Hope you let us know what you decide!!!!
    2457 days ago
    OK, here's my question: what will you do at the gym?

    I am a classes-girl. NOT interested in the machines, the pool, etc. The classes PUSH and motivate me. So YMCA for me.

    If you are an independent exerciser, #1 sounds WONDERFUL.

    And, I don't know where you live but $50/month is a GREAT price! So either one you pick will be a winner!

    Can't wait to hear what you decide.
    2457 days ago
    I agree with KKCOIL. Gym #1 and if you pay that much money you are more likely to use it. I have a Curves membership but I prefer going to the Rec Centre with my husband. Very similar in price BUT I find myself going with him more often than not and paying for both places. Pay for the one you will use.
    2457 days ago
    I would go with Gym #1 and work on your mom real real hard to join too emoticon
    2457 days ago
    Gym #1 sounds fantastic!! That's the one i'd pick if I had the money. But alas I know it would be the YWCA for me :(
    2457 days ago
    I like the sounds of the first one if it fits your budget. It seems like they have a lot included for what you're paying for and that the facilities would be a little nicer than the YMCA. Good luck with your decision!
    2457 days ago
    the first one. sounds good
    2457 days ago
    I would choose gym #1 if it is in your budget. From the way you describe the YMCA it doesn't sound like you are excited about it. If you are not excited are you really going to go?
    2457 days ago
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