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Wreck it Ralph

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I went and saw Wreck It Ralph the other day, and I thought it was a great illustration of how our self esteem is composed of an intrinsic element vs. extrinsic things. It is not that extrinsic things don't matter, but they can't give you something that isn't there intrinsically. Ralph doesn't value what he brings to his game and so he goes to look for recognition and accolades and cake.

Extrinsic esteem needs to build on your intrinsic value. It mattered that people like Ralph, but like him for who he was and not for trying to be like someone else. His new friend, Vanellope, is kind of the opposite. She has a sense of her worth and purpose, but someone has erased her memory (They're characters in videogames) so she lacks any extrinsic manifestations.

Ralph's other complement is Felix, the good guy in his game. Felix sort of likes Ralph all along, though he comes to empathize with him and really recognize that they are not only partners, but friends. If that's not giving away too much.

I thought it was better than most Disney movies because rather than the final moment of drama hinging on community action, it dealt with individual significance and interpersonal relationships. And it didn't get maudlin about being true to your heart. I like Mulan, but would worry if my kid got totally obsessed with it.

A lot of the movie is set in the candy kingdom, fair warning. `
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