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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I do believe "Busy" is the banner of our time, like a competitive sport-there is a subtle pride telling of just how busy we are....

....but my question is "Busy doing what?" I know we all have lots to do-families to care for-jobs to go to-the list is long ,and we sometime try to be the Super-Being who can do it all.

Here are some ideas to better manage our allotted 24 hours... ( I'll post them here to save you time-lol)

Manage Yourself in No Time
Tips to Fit More Into Your Day
-- By Rebecca Pratt, Staff Writer

1-Time management-
Experts stress that before you can make needed changes in the way you manage time, you need to look at how you spend your time now.

2.Personalize your to-do list~
Some people thrive using a daily to-do list, which they construct either at the end of the previous day or first thing the next morning. Some people combine a to-do list with a calendar or schedule. Others prefer a "running" to-do list that is continually being updated. Or, you may prefer a combination of both, whatever method works best for you

3.Don't waste time
I have to work on this one...

4.Multi-task when possible.

5.Don’t be a perfectionist.

Set yourself up for success by lowering your expectations- Everything doesn't have to be "Martha Stewart" picture perfect.

6.Learn to say ‘No'
Focus on the goals that are important to you— like incorporating a fitness routine into your life— saying no to the unimportant gets easier. It may even just be a matter of timing— as in saying, ‘Not now.’

Thanks for taking time to stop by & remember...

and for those of you who have been buried in snow...

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