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wednesday--shoe review and other stories

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

good morning everybody! i've been away for a couple days--rob took monday off and we were out the door and on the run all day. same for yesterday.
wanted to blog a little bit about my new shoes. last weekend we went hunting for new running shoes--i thought it might be time to change mine out. my running book said whenever you have a new kind of pain one of the things to consider is the age of your shoes and whether its time to replace. mine have been used a lot since i bought them, so i decided to take the plunge. after a lot of looking and trying on (i have a difficult to fit foot) i chose the skechers "go run" shoe. these are kind of unusual running shoes because they are designed for a mid foot strike. this is how i want to run because in chi running, the mid foot strike (you land on the center of your foot rather than your heels or toes) is supposed to minimize impact on the joints and lessen the chance of injury. i had originally seen these shoes last summer, but at 80.00 i wasn't willing to chance it. but now they are on clearance, so i got them for much less.
see--the thing with these shoes is they are RUNNING shoes--you can't really wear them to go shopping or hang out, or hike or whatever. they are specifically designed for running and honestly it feels odd just to walk around in them. so if they DIDN'T work, there wasn't a very good chance i would be able to just relegate them to everyday wear instead.
monday first thing we went to the park and i did the last of my three sessions of week five on podrunner. this was a 56 min. interval sequence with 6 running intervals of 7 min. each, with 1 min. walking between each, and a 5 min. warm up and 3 min. cooldown. the running is at a comfortable pace--for me on this day it worked out to a 13 min. mile. i ran on asphalt.
my first impressions of the shoe were that the part of my foot that wasn't my mid sole was hitting the ground harder than what i was used to. but the area under and around my arch and all the way across to the outside of my foot felt very well supported. this feeling of "hardness" faded as i went on in my run until it was gone completely. the shock from hitting the ground with each foot strike seemed softer. the other plus is the fact that these shoes almost force you to land on your mid foot--so i don't have to concentrate quite so hard on form--the structure of the shoe does it for me. i didn't try to stretch out my stride or run overly hard--mainly just put in my time and paid attention to the shoes. the rest of the shoe is ever so comfortable. they are very lightweight and amazingly--fit my feet like a glove. the heel is low slung, and i wasn't sure i would like that--turns out i liked it a lot! i had one of my new pairs of technical sox on, and the overall feel on my foot was soft, lightweight and very comfortable. because of the structure of the shoe and the midfoot support, there isn't a lot of help if you wobble or don't "track straight". i don't know for certain, but i would guess that if you pronate your feet you would not want these shoes.
i knew the proof of the pudding would be on wednesday--48 hr. after my first use. and i can report the following--the pain in my neck/shoulder is considerably less. my knees are not bothering me at all, nor are my ankles or hip flexors--and these are the areas that typically give me trouble. i do notice a sharp intermittent pain on the outside of the top of my left foot. i am not sure if its related to these shoes or not--i wore a pair of everday shoes around a lot yesterday and it may be from them--my feet often hurt when i wear that particular pair of shoes.
so that's my report on my new shoes--and they are CUTE CUTE CUTE--which is something that with a size 4 EE foot i am almost never able to say!

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    I LOVE the color of your shoes! I love even more that they are working out for you just fine! Do you think they would work for walking? I'm sorry, but truly, I have no desire to run. I do like to walk though, and my foot is on the wide side. I'm currently using Brooks shoes, which are nice.

    Have you got a ton of snow? The reports from the midwest are sort of scary...white-outs, thunder snow, etc. Stay warm and safe!!
    1946 days ago
    I got a pair of these a couple months ago. I was skeptical because they are light as a feather and don't appear to be supportive. They feel better on my feet than my $140 shoes. I love them and am ready to order a second pair. I'm not a runner, but I wear them for walking on the advice of my foot dr. Glad you like them!
    1947 days ago
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