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My Gramma Died Yesterday.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My gramma died yesterday -- February 18, 2012

It was unexpected. Not a shock of course. She was 92 years old and had several serious illnesses over the last decade. The last one landed her in hospital for a few months and then she had to move from her seniors lodge to a nursing home. You have to go on a waiting list for a preferred home. So initially she spent weeks in a wing in the hospital, then weeks in an overcrowded nursing home with no privacy. She didn't ever have a curtain to separate her from the hall. But she seemed to be doing okay gnerally and in good spirits. More power to her. It sounded awful to me.

Then on Valentine's Day she got to move to her permanent home. And it was very nice. Classy like a hotel. A private room sharing a bathroom with just one other person. And a nice western view of the Alberta foothills. And only 5 minutes from her one son and one daughter (she had 5 kids in all). She loved it. She enjoyed Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Then Sunday she got sick with a bladder infection. They gave her antibiotics and then ended up sending her to emergency. But still, a bladder infection. It didn't sound the the next call would be, "She's gone." But it was.

But you know, she couldn't eat solid food anymore. It all had to be pureed or some thickener put into juice or tea. And she used to live on the phone and she hasn't been able to call any of us well over a year. At Christmas she didn't believe it was Christmas no matter what. She refused to believe it was Christmas. She went along with opening the presents, but she was kind of embarrassed they were cheating and opening the presents when Christmas was next week.

Her birthday was January 20th and she didn't know it was until my uncle went to visit her and told her. A year ago she still had a grasp of those things.

It's tough to see your loved ones dying. This whole life and death thing sucks. I do believe something happens after you die--whether you are reborn or go to heaven or what have you. I cannot believe that you just die and that's it. Therefore I have to be happy for my Gramma that she is moving onto a different place. I hope she is very happy wherever she may be now.

She rasised me from grade 1 to grade 7 and I just love her to bits.

So, here's to my Gramma, Sylvia Anderson. May the next life be even more fruitful than this last one. I love you tons.


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