I treated myself to some "Spark rewards"

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

When I was out today shopping with my son, I decided to treat myself to something I have been wanting for a while but never spending money on. MAKE UP! Yep, make up. I usually don't wear it but I felt so good today getting ready to go shopping, curling my hair and what not, that I felt like putting on a little color. I don't have any due to my daughter, it seems that some has walked home with her, lol. Been so long since I have worn it, I never noticed. I bought eye shadow, eye liner, face powder, blushing powder and even mascara. And yes, I have hid it. Just so it stays in the house. I decided to call it my own "sparks reward". Since I have decided to actually vlog, I find that it makes me more accountable. Yesterday and today have been amazing. I have stayed on top of things, I drank alot of water too. So hopefully I will be ready for bed soon, since I can never sleep until 1;30am to 3am. I never can sleep until my eyes try slamming shut. My cpap machine is waiting, I picked up a new hose, they ordered the wrong size for my mask so I have to wait for it. I cleaned the old one really good.

Okay, so I guess I am going to sign out. Watch some tv, oh I almost forgot, I bought A wii today. At a gameshop for 80 bucks, paid 10 for a year warrenty. I will tackle with setting that up shortly, I got it because we want to get rid of TIME WARNER RIPOFF and get net flicks but I can also use the wii for excersize so that is a bonus. I have to get myself into shape because me and my son and daughter are going on a bus ride to Indiana for 10 whole days visiting my other daughter and my first and only grandson. So doing this with all of you is very important. I can't wait to be able to walk without so much huffing and puffing. But I do weigh 240 and thats alot of weight to carry. I know that scale is going to move by Monday morning. I took alittle idea from Kassie, of KASTASTROPHY. For every 10 pounds I lose, I gave myself a reward. I edited the part about me on my blog page. Such a great idea. I encourage you all to do the same. Okay, enough for tonight, goodnite sparkpeople. emoticon emoticon emoticon
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