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What A Day

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

First off, we got notice yesterday that they would be relining our sewer line and we would not be able to use our sinks, showers, laundry, dishwashers etc today. We could use the toilet, but on a very limited basis. Great so much notice.

Yesterday, I finally decided to cut back my hours with the lead router. Those are leads I get through my company. I was taking them from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. We finally decided that was insane. I am too busy for that so now I get them from 9 a.m. until 7 pm Monday thru Thursday and 5 pm Friday thru Sunday. If my business slows down, I can always add them in again.

So, I get up this morning about 9:30. Hey, I'm self employed why not enjoy it. It seemed like a really quiet day. Until...I got a lead router from a girl looking to purchase a home ASAP. Pre-approved etc. Very nice person. Ok I can deal with that. Then, I notice that a property I showed on Sunday that my buyers really liked had a price drop. I e-mailed her to let her know and she told me to write an offer. Ok. Then, I get an e-mail from another buyer who is closing next week with questions. Now, I am bombarded.

To top it off, I turned funny and felt that familiar twinge in my back which said, "you are in trouble." ugh! I still have no disc in my neck and it has been bothering me which is what probably set off my back.

Remember, no water. Now, it is almost 2:00. Offer is written and submitted. Search is done for new buyer. Questions are answered for other buyer. Through it all, I forgot the one reason I headed to the computer was to write a notice for another buyer who is closing in a couple weeks. Back to no water. DD won't pee because she is worried about the water.

We head out for lunch. Made good choices. Back hurts. All I want to do is lay on a heating pad. Get home by 3:30. E-mail from another buyer from last weekend. She is thinking about writing an offer on a home we saw. Run a CMA. E-mails back and forth. Now it's 5:30. Husband keeps flushing toilets and running the sink which he is not supposed to do. Have to get him out of the house.

6:00 head to Maggiano's. Just have mussels and a salad for all of us. Had Margharita flatbred pizza appetizer as well. Not bad for 4 people. After that head to the mall, which is attached, to get stuff we've been needing for a long time. Husband finally buys a jacket that zips. His hasn't zipped in 10 years. I get make up from the MAC counter. Love the MAC counter.

So, here I am 12 hours after I got up. Still no water, no heating pad and no exercise :( Tomorrow is another day.
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