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Two steps forward and one step back !!!!. We can do it!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hi again I am still trying to get some shopping done but we seem to be having problems, just minor ones. emoticon

I headed for the grocery store yesterday and DH called me to let the neighbors dog out. Our neighbor called and he said yes I did get the groceries but I had a gift card to buy something for myself at KOHL’s and tomorrow is the last day I can get 30% off. emoticon

Tomorrow it will likely snow. emoticon

Today I had to bring the Gazelle upstairs because the Dr said DH should be walking but we have lots of ice and with this being a school vacation every store I went in seemed to have children running around. emoticon emoticon

I felt walking was out of the question even in the stores. I decided to drag the Gazelle up from the basement to the bedroom. If DH overdoes it and then has to climb upstairs that is counter-productive. emoticon

It was really heavy but step by step I got it up there. Now it is in the bedroom so he can do just a few sessions every few hours. That is up to him.

Next DH plugged in a lamp and it fused the house. The metal prongs on the lamp melted. DH and I went out to buy another plug to put on the lamp.
I love these lamps and they were very expensive DH was ready to be rid of them.
We were out later than expected and DH was hungry so we went in to McDonalds so DH could eat his favorite fish sandwich. emoticon

I just had a salad and coffee, I actually took my salad home and added lots more vegetables. emoticon

While I was making my salad upgrade. DH went to put the new switch on and it happened all over again. I had to go down to the fuses in the dark basement area to restore the power again. I told him we do not need the aggravation right now so leave it till later . He very quickly agreed. emoticon

When DH spoke with the Dr he told him he was having issues in the night with pain around the incision. I told the Dr no redness just lots of tenderness. DH said he keeps lying on the surgery side left hip. Drs decision was he was to sleep on his back or right side. He cannot sleep on his back so we had to change our sleeping arrangement and move his Bi-pap machine to the other side of the bed. emoticon
That took a. lot of our time too. DH tried out the Gazelle and was happy to be able to use it. emoticon

I wanted to move some photos over from the desk top but it refused to switch on. We tried all kind of things and so I abandoned the effort and was concerned I would be losing more photos. emoticon emoticon

After supper I tried just one last time to get it to work and it came right on again. emoticon

By now I have little time left so I will have to leave it on stand by all night. I am sitting at my lap top and DH is listening to music and playing SOLITAIRE. emoticon

It has just been one of those days. Two steps forward and one step back .

Pat in Maine. Will go to bed early because I have to get to the dentist tomorrow and I might need to move snow. emoticon

This day just all came up one thing after another and you know what.
We handled the whole foolish day very well.

Thanks for listening. Spark friends. emoticon emoticon emoticon
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