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Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I recently wrote a blog about the reasons I workout. This blog will detail a few reasons why I strength train. In one of my groups we have a monthly challenge and each week we work on our Spirit, Soul And Body and this is part of the body part of this week which began on Friday. This Blog is part of our challenge. This is the article’s link:

Just like cardio strength training is a MUST for my healthy lifestyle. You really can’t or shouldn’t leave it out. There are so many benefits to strength training and I encourage you to incorporate it into your work out plan as soon as you feel comfortable with it. Even if you start small…and there’s beginning SparkPeople videos that are very useful.

My very favorite move! emoticon

My main reason for strength training at this time is to tone my body. Being heavy since 15 has been a stretch on my body so I’m strength training and praying for God’s help to get my body toned.

I also enjoy the extra calorie burn when you pair it with cardio. It’s a fact that strength training after your cardio workout burns more calories. Also when we strength train calories are burning even after we finish.

I just LOVE the way my body feels after strength training. I feel so CLEAN! I’m for real! It’s like the fluids and systems in my body are flowing unhindered. For the first time I did some triceps dips and I fell head over heels for them! I would always say to myself, “I ain’t doing those!”, if I saw a demonstration on the move. Never say never!

But…for sure this young lady will NOT do pull ups!

I normally strength train at least 3 times a week sometimes 4. I used to have set days to strength train: lower body and core on Monday’s and Thursday and upper body on Tuesdays and Saturdays. I’ve started doing total body training several months ago and a mix it up workout suggested by a SparkPeople article. (Link Below)

My favorite total body video is Coach Nicole’s Seated Resistance Band Workout In a Chair. Using resistance bands is the BEST!!! I fell in love the first time I used them and when I started doing this 20 minute workout my body high fived me!

I’m always excited when I find something that works. Thank God He knows what I will be able to incorporate into my workouts and stay consistent in what I do. I also prefer standing abdominal strength training when I can. My favorite at this time is a Tiffany Rothe video. I use them off of YouTube and the first time I worked out with her I laid back on my bed and actually…Praised The Lord! I was ALL smiles!!!

All the other benefits of strength training are numerous, such as raising your metabolism, lifting your spirits, strengthening your bones and building muscle strength. These are just a few but I will continue strength training till Jesus come back or I live to be 120 and go Home then.

A STRONG body will help in our quest to live LONG!

If I can do it…YOU can too! I’ve come a LONG way…
Thanks for stopping by my blog and it's all about consistency and just doing it! We are well able to accomplish ALL of our goals. With God we CAN do anything!!!

Love & Blessings!

Tiffany Rothe 10min Core Workout

Coach Nicole's Resistance Band Seated All Over Workout

Mix 'N Match SparkPeople Article
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