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Pick a goal weight

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Picking a goal weight can be tricky. Do I pick a weight that I was in the past? If I pick my weight in in high school, I might get down to 120 pounds, but at 52, I won't look like a teenager. The arrow of time moves in one direction. So any weight I was in the past is not going to look the same. I decided to go with a dispassionate way of picking a goal weight. I'll choose from the BMI chart, and when I get close to my goal weight, say within 10 pounds, I'll refine that decision. In the BMI chart, find your height, and look along that row to the right and find the green section, that's the healthy BMI range. Let's use my height for example. I'm 5'3" so my healthy range is 105-140. Does that seem low to you? Don't worry, when I get closer to goal, I'll adjust based on how I look & feel, pants size, or maybe body fat percentage. 25-30% body fat is so realistic!

"The only thing that is keeping you from what you really want is the story you keep telling yourself as to why you can't have it." -Tony Robbins

Minutes this week, running total:
Cardio: 50
Strength: 210
In calorie range: 6
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  • LIS193
    100 pounds for the first 5 ft then 5 pounds for every inch over.
    At 5'3" that would be 115
    I am 5'8" and my goal weight should be 140
    1918 days ago
    I picked a goal weight from the chart, but as I get closer to that number I'll see how I feel and how I look and adjust accordingly.

    Karen emoticon
    1918 days ago
    PAMDAQTPI, good question. I did a fitness test with my pt on Monday. I did well above average on most tests. But I would like to have better balance and be able to hold a plank longer. So, work on core strength.
    1918 days ago
    I want too weigh between 130 and 145 pounds.
    1918 days ago
    I'm setting medium length weight loss goals (not short, not long). Even though I really don't look it my BMI has me just past the overweight category - obese! So my first goal is to get into the 'overweight' range. When I get to that point I'm going to re-evaluate. I like doing it this way because I will hit my goals before deciding on the next goal. If I went with my BMI/ideal weight (126 lbs) I'd never hit it and feel like reevaluating and accepting 140 as a cop out or failing.

    Now that I'm active, I tend to have 'fitness goals' more than weight goals, like training for my first 5K. Next year I'd love to do a half or even full marathon. My ability to do things is more important to me than a number on a scale. Do you have a fitness goal you can work towards?
    1918 days ago
  • CARRIE1948
    I think a goal weight is one you can live with and not have to starve yourself or exercise 3 hours a day to maintain
    1919 days ago
    I think that's a good plan.
    1919 days ago
    I've picked a goal size - and whatever weight I am when I get there, then that's my goal weight.

    I'm aiming for an average 8-10 - size medium - because I have large bones even though I'm not tall, so I'll never hit small or slim. And I can live with that.
    1919 days ago
  • KA_JUN
    Interesting blog, sometimes it seems very arbitrary when picking a goal weight. The range is quite large and very dependent on our own personal body composition. Good luck on your program! emoticon
    1919 days ago
  • MISSYMOM1002
    i'm the same height as you and i picked 125 for my goal weight. I've been down to 135 and i find its too easy to bounce back up to where i am (like i did) so i want a bit more wiggle room you know? good luck with it! if you need a buddy just let me know :)
    1919 days ago
    I picked an adult weight I was happy with. I was fit, and didn't look like "Jack La Laine" and was well within my BMI. If I find that I'm happier being a bit heavier as I approach my goal, I'll adjust my goal. After all the difference of 5-7 pounds while still being within my BMI is not an issue of "life or death".
    1919 days ago
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