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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

So, first off, I wanted to say I'm sorry for not updating you all after I posted my last blog which was rather whiney I'll admit.

SO what's going on: A few spark friends sent me links to awesome challenge groups, and I currently have joined the Winter to Spring 5% Challenge group and am on team FIRECRACKER! I'm excited because there's a very evident goal of being 5% lighter by April 20th (May be off on the date). I do well with goals in short view, considering my first successful weightloss of my entire lifetime was when I lost 20 lbs while my now-hubby was in boot camp. Which other than in the 6th grade was the skinniest I had ever been. So, hopefully when the challenge finally starts, I will find the stride I'd been looking for.

Also this week we find out why I had been having those pains down where my TMI FOR SOME (ovaries are))))))). I'm hoping it's nothing serious and that I won't need to switch birth control again. Frankly I can't do the shots because anymore weight gain would definitely crush my spirit. But I'm too ditzy doo to remember to take a pill everyday. And regardless of my everyday want and under feeling of crazy for babies, I refuse to break my promise and be careless enough to have children before reaching my healthy weight. Which I know probably sounds absolutely preposterous to those with children, or just understand that I'm trying to control something that can not always be controlled but.... I am... So... you can go ahead and say it, think it, and comment it. But this is the plan.

Other words, I'm still searching for a good minimalist running shoe, despite falling back on my running once more. I feel like if I could run more naturally the runner's knee and slight pain in my hip will be minimized. I feel this because of so many reviews of runners who switched to minimalist shoes and found they made worlds of difference and their aches and pains practically vanished. Although new aches came in with things such as, blisters and such, I'd rather have a blister for a couple of weeks than the horrible knee pain. So still looking. I love the look of the vibram toes shoes, but am nervous to throw down serious amounts of cash for shoes. For any shoes really. I saw some minimalist shoe's at T.J. Maxx that were by vibram according to their label but they were still $50 bucks. I figure if I'm spending 50 dollars on a pair of shoes, they should be nearly perfect for all my running needs. Speaking of which I bought Sketcher's GO WALK series yesterday (yes I'm a hypocrite, they were 50, but they were also 50% off and then military discount on TOP of that so, yay) and they are practically perfect. They flex so naturally to my foot, it's like a second skin. I was at shoe carnival to get some skeletoes, but the soles were so inflexible I decided against them. But I am glad I did since the GOWALK ones are easily the most comfortable shoe I've worn in years. Heck, I'm half tempted to go jog in them, but I'm concerned that I am messing with powers beyond my comprehension and will either ruin the shoes or jack up my feet. Either way, I'm still tempted.

The only other thing I have to say is have any of you guys heard of that 3-day breast cancer walk? It looks simply AMAZING. I have never seen anything that look so inspiring and wonderous before! And let me tell you I would do it in a heart beat.......If it didn't cost 2,300!!! I know I could make one of those donation pages, but frankly I was rather irked by the site claiming them asking 2,300 from each walker being "bold". I don't find that bold, I find it to be extortion! I understand it's going for a good cause, and good on anyone who can raise the money, but I think I would feel a bit guilty raising that much money just to walk for three days. If it was my money, sure. But I sure don't have 2,300 dollars to give, and I sure couldn't double it if my husband wanted to do it as well. So yea, there was an exciting thought, crushed by the reality that is money. Sometimes, it feels like my fitness and health always comes down to money. Can I afford two bags of vegetables? Well, this greek yogurt is 3.40, while this WHOLE box of go-gurt is 2.99?

Ah well, That's my update for now. Hope everyone is doing well. And that all of your many goals are coming into view.
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    I'm so glad you decided to join the 5% challenge! Too bad you're not a Daisy though! I've done really well with the 5% challenges in the past, they are fun and you always get connected with a really great group of people.

    I agree with the person who said that minimalist shoes change the way you run. You have to be so careful when wearing them because if you heel strike in them too much it can cause even more injuries. I have a pair of Vibram 5 Fingers and I love them. I had a pair of Skeletoes before that and didn't like those nearly as much.

    I've wanted to do the 3 Day walk too but the closest one to me is 6 hours away. I agree that they fundraising portion was daunting but it is definitely a good cause. Instead of the 3 Day maybe you can do the Race for the Cure 5k this year. Still the same great cause but a lot less money!
    1943 days ago
    That sucks about your girl part pain.....hopefully its nothing major. You should try the nuva ring for birth control thats what I use. It is amazing, no weight gain if anything it truly helps with my period and everything that comes with it (mood swings, cravings, fatigue etc.) I'm loving it.
    1946 days ago
    Remember that the minimalist shoes will cause you to change your running style - I understand that one of the reasons people get so many injuries from running is because the regular running shoes are so padded and comfy that we don't notice when our form is off and our body takes a beating..minimalist shoes put you more in touch with your body and you adjust your stride accordingly - perhaps not coming down on the heel so much, etc....
    Personally, I like the comfy shoes...and I'm a lazy runner when I do run, but I try to pay attention to my form.
    In any case - I'm glad you're a Firecracker...looking forward to progressing together! emoticon

    1946 days ago
    Isn't it funny how healthy foods can be so costly? Cheap and easy items are soOoo tempting but so unhealthy that it is ridiculous!

    I'm sure if you organized your own walk you could collect money and still give it to them....just saying. I'm pretty sure they'd take the money! ;)

    1947 days ago
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