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Daily Quote: Values

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

If you learn to value what God values in your life, you will be both valuable and have a most valuable life.

--Keith A. Craft

Stress Journal Day 2:
In James, we read "Let your yes be yes and your no be no." This seems simple enough but in reality it is not. For someone like me who really tries to work my schedule out to whatever is most convenient for others, it is often easy to overbook myself and fall short of keeping ALL my commitments.

I often have to remind myself that people will be less disappointed if I tell them I can't from the beginning and get everything else done than if I say I will and fail to meet the deadline because of overcommiting myself and underestimating the time commitment needed for each task.

Today, I fell behind. The women I worked with did not seem upset or disappointed. They seemed to be as flexible and understanding as i try to be. Yet, I felt horrible for not being more prepared. Now here I am at 1:00 am just now getting ready for bed and planning to be up in less than 5 hours for another fully packed day.

God values my time, my rest, my energy and my word. As a result I need to remember to put the same value on those things and budget my time and commitments to ensure that I make the best use of my TIME, keep my WORD, and get plenty of REST at the end of day so I will have the much needed ENERGY for the next day and all it brings.

On the up-side I was proud that when asked to commit to new tasks today, I managed to say no and schedule for a less busy day which kept a busy day from becoming entirely unmanageable. Yay me! Off to a good start....kind of...definitely off to bed!
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