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evil mirrors and eating like a 6 year old

Monday, February 18, 2013

I got back a couple hours ago from a mini-getaway. I can't tell you how great it was. I didn't even know how much I needed it until we were on the way home.

We booked a room at a hotel with a pool in the nearest city and took off as soon as hubby got off work on Sunday. We went to dinner at a fantastic pizza place that we all love (little boy's choice) and since hubby and I weren't in the mood for pizza we ordered other stuff. Unfortunately we found out that just because a place does great pizza they don't necessarily do great anything else. Still, "not great" is not the same thing as "not good" - we both managed to clean our plates. The little guy shared my salad and ate one piece of his individual pizza. Then we headed back to the hotel and swam for a while and sat in the hot tub for a while longer before bed.

The evil mirrors from the title? Yep - that fits in here. See, I have my mirrors at home well trained. They don't show me the truth. They give me a foggy, blurry, kinder version of my appearance. I don't look so bad in them really. The hotel mirror? Holy carp! As I changed into my swimsuit I saw every horrible inch in glaring detail. Between the bright light and the super clear, over large, terribly honest mirrors... YIKES! I'm pretty sure there had to be some evil in their making. I was so glad to get home to my kinder mirrors, but I need to remember what the bad ones showed me. It's not pretty, and will only get worse if I don't step it up. I finally finished that round of Prednisone so I'm hoping that this coming week I will be back to normal - whatever that is.

This morning the hotel had a complimentary breakfast. Hubby and I shared a giant waffle, plus some other stuff. Little boy had half a bagel, a glass of apple juice, and a couple sausages. Then back to the pool and upstairs for quick showers before check-out. Then we did some shopping for things we can't get here. Mostly this was an exercise in futility because I found out that Target's plus size pants section consisted of purple, paisley, or capris (or a combination of the three, I'll have nightmares tonight) none of which is appropriate for work. I did pick up the Spark cookbook at Barnes & Noble though, only to realize tonight that I could've gotten it through the link on the site for $10 less plus a bonus "gift with purchase". GRRRRR! If it weren't an hour drive I would so take this my copy back and order another one. As it is I'll just chalk it up to experience and move on.

Then lunch. We went to a salad place where hubby and I loaded up on salads piled high with veggies, plus he had soup and I had a potato. My salad loving boy? A single portion of pasta salad, cottage cheese, and a sampling of veggies. Plus ice cream for dessert. Then we took him to see "Escape From Earth" which we all three very much enjoyed. Then home.

It wasn't until I was on the road home that I realized that all the tension I've been carrying just kind of melted away. I know it will come back, but having it gone even for a little while is such a relief. We don't often have the extra money for this kind of thing, but it was so worth it. We need to find a cheaper alternative, but do this type of thing more often.

The big lesson I learned? I need to learn to eat like a 6 year old. No judgement, no nonsense, eat what I want and stop when I'm full. No thought about the next meal or leftovers or when the next time we might make it into the city with its wider variety of choices. Just eat what I like, what I'm in the mood for, and stop when I'm full. The world could learn a lot from watching a kid eat.
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  • KSW1963
    That sounds like a great trip! I love doing that once in a while....making some great family memories :).
    3078 days ago
    I think the reason why children do eat what they want is because they don't have the pressures of society telling them what they should or shouldn't eat as well as many other things.

    How about just going for a drive into the mountains for a few hours then come back home? I know we would do that from time to time and it really did help. You could stop off at a restaurant and get something to eat while you are out. You don't have to necessarily do an overnight thing. Just get up early in the morning and travel to one of the many towns in the mountains. If you prefer to go to the city you could do that and go to some of the touristy things or whatever. This summer you could travel down to the sand dunes south of Pueblo. I don't know where in Colorado you live but visiting the sand dunes doesn't cost any money except for gas to get there. There's many places you can go to and visit for the day and come back home. Just something to get away from home and all of the stress.
    3078 days ago
    So glad you had a chance to get away and de-stress! There are some websites that have "cheap" getaways and last-minute deals, you may want to look into that the next time you need an "escape" for all of you. And of course, you did it the right way, not going on a weekend! Those weekend rates are outrageous. Beginning and midweek escapes are nice. Sometimes if there are museums or other points of interest nearby, you can even get good package deals. Especially off-season emoticon

    And those mirrors? Yep, Cinderella's evil stepmother installed them. Aren't they horrid? When we took my son for Regional Choir, the hotel we were at had the WHOLE WALL done in mirrors. *shudder* I dressed in the dark, rofl.

    Have a wonderful rest of the week! emoticon
    3079 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8634484
    That's the Paul McKenna message too! Nice that it's beginning to get through. No tracking for that little chap!
    3079 days ago
    Sounds awesome! And so needed. I'm glad you all got away and got to de-stress. That is so important. Congrats on the eating. Everything just sound wonderful, except those mirrors. I agree, hotel mirrors are of the emoticon !
    3079 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1403645
    That is pretty much the premise of intuitive eating and it is fantastic! I am so glad that you three had a good weekend, sometimes a break away from reality is just what the doctor ordered. I know that feeling of what you're talking about completely -- I had a similar experience with a date night with my hubby. I hate to say it, but it was soooo good to get out and away from the kids for an evening. I felt so replenished and rejuvenated it made dealign with science fair projects and the daily life so much more bearable, lol. Again, like you said, it will wear off but I guesss that is when I will ask hubs to take me out again, LOL!

    I bought the Spark Cookbook, too. It has some great recipes in it. I've been meal planning around that one and my Ellie Krieger one. I like the way its laid out.

    I am glad that you had a good revelation! You're always learning and evolving it makes such a difference in the (to coin a cheesy statement) journey along the way!
    3079 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2112467
    Kids show is the truth! I agree!

    So glad you had a good trip! Hugs!
    3079 days ago
  • LYNCHD05
    Rats like going shopping for clothes and they have skinny mirrors and when you get home the clothes don't look the same.
    I'm happy that y
    Ou enjoyed your trip. We all need to change our surroundings occasionally.
    Now you are ready for the challenge.!
    3079 days ago
    I am actually reading a book on it right now-more like intuitive eating sort of. I'm not good at it yet, so I'm still really tracking to be acountable to get the scale moving...but I did learn to enjoy my food, and not to beat myself up when I want to induge, as well as to listen to my hunger cues... It can be liberating.

    And, those mirrors are horrible, not sure why they are so super stark! But a nice pool and swimming xan help make up for it :)
    3079 days ago
    I am glad you enjoyed your trip.
    3079 days ago
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