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Spoonerisms (please don't read if you are sensitive to off-color phrases)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Some spoonerisms:
I love cop porn.
Go in with buns glazing
hollow your fart
rental deceptionist
This could be my ducky lay
hot Poles
candle with hair
I hit him with a blusing crow
We have a plaster man. (master plan)
you have mad banners
a well-boiled icicle (well-oiled bicycle)
you really sock my knocks off
chewing doors (doing chores)
I am craught a nook! (I am not a crook)I have to pill the physician
chipping the flannel
clappy as a ham
go shake a tower (take a shower)
roaring pain (pouring rain)
Spamela Hamderson
Dandy McOwl
Yes, wiater, I'll have the chilled grease
Don't spew up your screech
as the flow cries
bjound grief
sues and shocks
brunch lake
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