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Monday, February 18, 2013

Hi everyone. Sorry I've been so absent lately. I'm officially in the home stretch; third trimester! And the exhaustion has returned FULL FORCE. I'm not sleeping at night very well. I'm doing my best with the eating tho, but I have seriously found myself addicted to chocolate and craving it lately! LOL Along with soup! Of any kind; as long as it's soup. How weird is that? :)

Water intake has been pretty good lately too; averaging 6-8 most days, more on occasion. I've spent alot of time cuddled in bed and I try to make sure that the water bottle next to the bed is always full of nice cool or cold water. It helps; I go through 2+ of these per day.

Activity...well, I try. Lots of yoga. Whatever walking I can manage...The weekend was mostly staying in bed to prepare for the upcoming week. Had a family dinner party on Sat afternoon/evening tho, that was lots of fun. Yesterday was strictly a rest/cuddle day :)

Hubby has been uber awesome Baby was being overly active yesterday, so Chris pulled out the violin and was playing for him. Baby LOVES when daddy plays! emoticon

And thank goodness my work is very stationary, or I'd never get anything done! I've spent so much time taking it easy lately; also helps that I'm still working on the baby blanket, which is also a very "relaxing in bed/couch/ect" activity.

Finding my new limits has been hard. I'm not good at restricting myself or what I do, or asking for help. I'm getting better. Slowly. It helps that I've got some really awesome people in my life who understand I'm not trying to be lazy or skip o n my fair share. I do what I can when I can. I push when I can handle pushing.

Errands have been the hardest; I have to split them up so that I can manage to rest in between. Most of the shopping has been hubby's errands unless I'm going to be in that area anyway and its something small.

I've had so many doctor appts its not even funny lately. Sadly, going to the doctor also kills most of my energy for the day, cause I have to walk to the Ob/gyn, (no real bus route that goes there) and the Neurologist, I have to manage to get to my friends' so she can take me (again, no good route to get there on my own)

I guess that's about all the news that's fit to print, as my grandpa would say. :) Can't wait till this baby is here!

Oh! My baby shower is this coming weekend! My mom is throwing it for me, and I'm going over on Friday to spend the night and help with some of the last minute preps, which should be fun. :) Sat is the actual shower. Navigating my friends & mom & family is going to be a challenge though.

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