Doubled My Cycling Tiime on the Trainer

Monday, February 18, 2013

emoticon Yee Haw! I doubled my riding time on my trainer today. It even felt good. I could have gone longer but wanted to save time for another jog.

Now that I am able to workout longer, I'm finding myself much hungrier. Always on my mind is, "What can I snack on now?" I had to make a doable plan to help me overcome these ragin' cravin's.

1. I take 20 minutes to decide if I am truly hungry or if I am simply just craving. If I decide I am truly hungry, I choose my snack carefully.

2. I make myself wait another 20 minutes to eat IT. If, after guzzling two glasses of water and sipping a cup of hot tea, I still feel like I can't possibly live without THAT snack, I get it and hold it for another 10 minutes before eating it. However, if I do decide to eat it, I have to eat it very, very slowly in little tiny bites.

3. Finally, if I have ultimately decided not to have the snack, I write it on my WISH LIST. Every weekend I take a cheat day, and only on cheat day do I dig into my WISH LIST. Again, I nibble slowly, making sure every bite and taste is thoroughly savored.

Overall, I am working on changing my feelings about eating. I used to live to eat, and now I'm learning how to eat to live.
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