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I did it!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Gosh it's a while since I had that as my blog title. I really must keep up with trying new fitness feats and not just cooking ones.

Today's 'I did it!' moment came on the treadmill of all places. I really don't like that machine. Workouts that are hunky dory outside suddenly turn into some kind of unusual torture where I'm stuck in one place with my 'views' limited to a choice between writhing pop stars and their back up dancers, or Coronation Street.
However, today I decided I was going to show that treadmill who was boss. I can't sit back and just expect my 5K time to improve on its own, but to do speed work I need to know my speed. Hence the treadmill and its display of doom.

Recently I get the feeling a lot that I'm capable physically of a great deal more than my mind is allowing me to do. So I'm going to start pushing myself. Today it was .3 of a kilometer per hour faster than my usual. That's not going to win me any olympic medals any time soon I know, but if I can slowly get my brain used to the idea that I CAN do more then hopefully I'll be able to work on some bigger jumps.

And you know what? My hunch was right. I whacked out 8.5kph for half an hour; I didn't die, didn't collapse, my legs didn't fall off and my lungs didn't burst. I can do it! In fact, I just did it!

What shall I aim for next?
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