Monday, February 18, 2013

I am in a lovely hotel in Chicago. We had to change rooms this morning, which was an ordeal...then we went and found a starbucks. I have to work tonight, so by then I was thinking I really don't feel like working out.
Usually when I say that, ( which I should be honest, happens A LOT) I tell myself, just do something. It's ok to do just 20 mins since that's better than nothing! Well, I find myself doing this too much... I end up doing at least 30, but with the proud idea of at least I am doing something when I didn't want to.
Today I had a different perspective. I was at the gym in the hotel I am staying (which is NOT your typical hotel gym.. it's GORGEOUS) and I thought.... since I don't feel like it, and don't want to, I should do a harder machine. Rather than saying I will do something easier, less energetic, and shorter, I decided to think the opposite. I decided to have a more challenging, harder workout... I had a GREAT workout, and now I feel fantastic.

I think I have a lot of excuses with myself. I need to really start being honest with myself about my eating and my exercise.
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