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Comfort zones are for pansies! (according to Jillian Michaels)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Today was the first day of week 3 of the Body Revolution, so that means a new workout. For 2 weeks, you do the same 2 workouts twice each week along with the cardio 2 times that week (so 6 workouts in a week). So, today is workout 3 of Phase 1, which I did today, and I'll do again Thursday and again on Monday and Thursday next week. It was pretty tough!

I know they are supposed to get harder as the weeks go on, so I expected it. The workouts with a lot of arm stuff, which this had, are always hardest for me. I find myself doing the leg stuff (lunges, squats, etc) much easier than when you have to hold yourself in a plank and do push ups. There was a lot of that in this video, and a couple times my arms were just shaking. There were pushups, walkout planks, a plank where you had to grab your opposite leg so you're only on one arm, and a couple other moves I don't know how to describe. I can totally see why people want to tell her to go to hell. I felt like saying, "Eff you! and she was just on the damn tv! I found most of the leg moves to be pretty easy for me (well, as easy as a JM workout can be). My legs are very strong, I guess from running, so there isn't much there I can't do.

My heart was pounding throughout most of the workout, so I hope I burned a lot of calories. I was drenched in sweat by the end. There is one part during the workout where Jillian tells you to get out of your comfort zone and that "comfort zones are for pansies!" I had to laugh at that one. You do have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable in order to progress with your fitness.

Another time in the video she said you should be losing 5 pounds a week. I wish! The first week when I did the kickstart, I lost 7. So, I figured this past week I wouldn't lose much if anything, and I was right. My weight was actually up one pound this morning (but I think it's due to TOM). I know it's not because of anything I did. I completed all the workouts last week, plus ran twice in addition to them. There was only one day I went over my calories by a little bit (and most days I am under what Sparkpeople recommends) so I feel like I did well, and considering that I lost 7 pounds the week before, I am not upset about my "gain" I had. Also, I followed the diet plan exactly for the first week, but this past week only did with some of the meals. I am sure if I ate exactly 1200 calories a day and only those meals I would lose weight faster, but I am not willing to eat a strict diet long term, so I am not doing it now for every meal, if that makes sense.

I am amazed at how different my body feels after 2 weeks of the workouts though. It may not be noticeable just by looking at me, but I can feel differences on my body when I am in the shower, like my hip bones sticking out more, and more definition in my shoulders and when I lie on my back to do certain things I can feel my shoulder blades digging into the floor, which before I never felt because of all the fat I guess. My stomach feels slightly different too, which is the area I really want to shrink. My body adapted well in that second week. I wasn't sore the next day and I could suddenly get my elbows to my knees in bicycle crunches, which I couldn't do the first week. Those damn running man exercises on the cardio dvd still suck though, but I do notice I can do them easier now.

I really need to make sure I keep up with running, but it's hard doing both. Every time I run lately I'm not able to go as fast. I think it's from the low carbs I was eating, and the fact that my muscles are just fatigued doing all these strength moves. My goal is to be as fit as possible, so as much as I love running and want to keep that up, I want to always try different things. I may take a week off from this, or a few days, to get in some good runs. I'll have to see. There are some races coming up I want to, and while I know I can do them, I want to do my best.

Hopefully by next week I'll be down another pound or so. I am going to continue to track the food and work hard this week. Honestly, I will be happy with losing a pound or 2 a week. I don't need to lose 4 or 5 pounds a week to feel like I am getting somewhere. There is something to losing it slowly, I think. I really think you are less likely to gain it back because you give yourself more time to adjust.
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  • MARTY728
    2039 days ago
  • SLEE103
    yay glad this Body Rev is treating you and your body well! Sure sounds like you're making awesome progress. and I agree, I dont think 5lbs a week is realistic, maybe for people who are VERY overweight, but you're right, it will stick better when done slowly. great job, keep going!
    2039 days ago
    Oh my goodness, Jillian should be paying you for these awesome reviews! But you are also convincing me that this program might be worth it for a good kick in my booty. Sounds intense - and way to go to you for pushing through it!!!!
    2039 days ago
    Great blog and great attitude.....she's right, we've got to push out of what's easy. Remember, it's called a workout, not an easyout!

    I switched to low carbs last summer. The first few weeks were toughest making the transition. workouts were much tougher; I sweated more and felt fatigued quicker. A friend suggested taking electrolyte pills before a workout because your body flushes out salt when you go low carb. They did the trick!

    Good luck!
    2039 days ago
    I did workout 3 today too. I am in Week 4. Hang in there!! Workout 3 is still tough this week but I think it was a little easier today than it was last week.

    Good luck!! You can do it!!
    2040 days ago
    That sounds awesome! Your runs could also feel harder because you have been doing more cross-training on your non-run days, which work your legs! I know when I did bootcamps the day before a run, my legs were always a little more tired.
    2040 days ago
    That sounds do intense!
    2040 days ago
    I decided to walk the golf course even though everyone else used a cart. I was SO tired but it made a huge difference in my sleep. Out like a light in 5 minutes and slept for 9 straight hours! Track your sleep with your workouts. You'll be amazed!
    2040 days ago
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