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Blink and things change

Monday, February 18, 2013

Today Mother was supposed to go home. Then she began having radiating chest pains, head aches, to go along with the abdominal pain. So, she's been transferred to the TCU, and is currently undergoing a test right now. Which one? Couldn't tell you. One of the blood tests showed that there is a clot "somewhere." Well, isn't that just fabulous. What part of the body is somewhere emoticon

Fortunately, I brought the laptop today so I'm not just simply sitting here staring out the window. Now, I am going to share with you that my diet, IF you want to call it that, has been either a slimfast or nutrisystem drink, and mt. dew. I can hear you screaming emoticon but I'm have no appetite and I figure I'm getting enough calories and, shoot, sugar from the dew consumption.

Now, I did do something positive with my time today. Compare my old profile picture with my new one. I can see a difference. Can you?

And the new one................drum roll please.......................

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