It feels good to feel good

Monday, February 18, 2013

At my sister's request I am blogging about my weight loss since September. I have not been on SP very much because I am keeping track in other ways to monitor my success. I have been on a pretty restricted diet since Sept. 2012 and I have lost 55lbs. My doctors monitor my diet and with lab tests and results they let me know what I can add to my menu. Since I have ulcerative colitis, I cut back to very bare bones eating since I came off of the steriods that I had been on for 3 long long years.
I went cold turkey in September and deleted sugar, lactose, caffine, bread/wheat, and reduced carbs significantly. I eat a lot of vegitables (none that turn to sugar like root vegis) and protien. I do take supplients to compensate for the vitamins I may miss with the things I have omitted (like lactose = calcium). I have not introduced many items back to my diet for 2 reasons. 1) I want to continue to lose weight first. 2) I am terrified that when I do I am going to be sick again with the colitis. At least it keeps me from jumping off the plan.
Anyway, I have consistently lost weight and I am able to wear clothes I have not worn in years. It feels good to feel good.
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